Online Systems

As a student at the University of Twente, you will use a variety of online systems. Here you can find some information about those systems.
For further questions, don't hesitate to ask the Board. You can find them in the Protopolis or you can email them at

Osiris is a very important system. Here you can register yourself for modules, which you have to do before the start of every module. You can also find your grades, your study progress, and information about modules and courses. If you have questions about Osiris specifically, you can send an email to

If you need study material, lecture slides, practice exams, or assignments, Canvas is where you need to go. You will use this website almost every day.

Of course, you need access to your study schedule. Which course do I have in the afternoon? Where do I need to be? Is it a lecture or a tutorial? This website will give you all the information you need. Don’t forget to add your schedule, you need to do this every module! You can do this by clicking on "Add timetable".
You can also add this schedule to your Google Calendar.

Student Email
Your student email is very important, so check it regularly! Teachers and staff will use this to communicate with you. You can also access the student email address book here. It might be handy to let this email send everything to the email address you use regularly or make sure you get notifications from it on your phone.

Notebook Service Center
Need to know what laptop suits your study? The Notebook Service Center, or NSC for short, has all the information you need. They can tell you about what requirements your laptop needs. If you have no idea what type of laptop you want, no problem! Check out the Notebook Project. NSC picks out some laptops they know are suitable for a UT student. Good to know: buying a laptop via NSC gives a discount and they will repair your laptop if something needs to be fixed.

LISA stands for Library, ICT-Service and Archive. You can find information about the campus library, findUT (a search engine for scientific articles), and manuals for Eduroam and VPN-connections.

Proto also has their own DokuWiki with a lot of intreseting information and study material. Don't be afraid to take a look and go trough the pages, you might be suprised what is on there.

If you experience any problems logging in on the DokuWiki try the "sync password" button on your Proto dashboard.