Previous boards

BOARD 12.0

The 12th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 07-09-2023 as follows:

Rachel den Otter - Chair
Max Liebe - Secretary
Ben Ligthart - Treasurer
Sterre Kuijper - Officer of Internal Affairs
Tristan van Marle - Officer of External Affairs
Ysbrand Burgstede - Officer of Educational Affairs

Board 12.0
From left to right: Ysbrand Burgstede, Sterre Kuijper, Max Liebe, Rachel den Otter, Ben Ligthart, Tristan van Marle

Board 12.0
Looking back at our board year, there is much to say about the changes we have made to Proto, but have also undergone ourselves. It is an understatement to say we were naive pups at the beginning of the year. With the enthusiasm to turn Proto into the biggest best study association in the world and the capabilities to make mediocre coffee and answer the phone hiding our shaky nervous voice, we started our adventure. We quickly learned a lot, like the best place to sit in Proto when you're hungover, but also how to actually get stuff done within the association and the university.

Mainly, we had a lot of fun in our board year; organizing a December month with a working advent calendar on the website, bringing to life a surf trip committee and organizing the first active member weekend. We also did not have a lot of trouble spending the surplus budget that Tristan so carefully acquired as we purchased a camera, Nintendo Switch, new desk chairs, TV screens, speakers and even more. Also the website gained a lot of new features.

It has been wonderful to have had the opportunity to make changes to Proto and involve as many people as possible in everything Proto offers. We thank everyone who has helped and supported us and look forward to watching Proto change and grow even more in the upcoming years!

  • "Till the end, and beyond!"

BOARD 11.1

The 11th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 07-09-2021 as follows:

Sarah Jansen - Chair
Ellis Dijkstra - Secretary & Officer of Internal Affairs
Martijn van Ooijen - Treasurer
Laura Schep - Officer of External Affairs
Louis van Maurik - Officer of Educational Affairs

Board 11.0
From left to right: Laura Schep, Ellis Dijkstra, Sarah Jansen, Martijn van Ooijen, Louis van Maurik

Board 11.1
Wow, it's amazing how much has happened in just one year! Our board year started right after the COVID-19 lockdown, and we were thrilled to see so many people eager to get involved again. We had no trouble filling committees at the first committee market and even had too many volunteers - what a great problem to have! Over the following months, we organised and learned so much, from big events like the EWI-trip, Proto-trip, and the brand new SkiTrip and Surf-trip, to smaller activities like the Dies Sleepover, Bob Ross painting evening, and la Trappe trap drink.

Our year was all about restarting and continuing traditions, fueled by everyone's enthusiasm to get things done. Of course, we also faced some challenges, such as becoming too busy, but we learned a lot from these experiences and are grateful for the opportunity to have meant something for our association. Although we put our own stamp on Proto (and on the ceiling in Proto), we can't wait to see what the next boards have in store for the organisation.

On behalf of Board 11.1 -
Just Wing It!

BOARD 10.0

The 10th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 02-09-2020 as follows:

Imke Verschuren - Chairwoman
Jesse Visser - Secretary & Officer of Educational Affairs
Jonathan Matarazzi - Treasurer
Sebastiaan van Loon - Officer Internal Affairs & Officer External Affairs

Board 10.0

From left to right: Sebastiaan van Loon, Jesse Visser, Imke Verschuren, Jonathan Matarazzi

Board 10.0
Fakka Website,

Honk 'Vo


The 9th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 04-09-2019 as follows:

Maartje Huveneers - Chairman
Hannah Ottenschot - Secretary
Sanne Bouman - Treasurer
Renske Mulder - Officer Internal Affairs
Mick Tijdeman - Officer External Affairs
Manouk Hillebrand - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 9.0

From left to right: Manouk Hillebrand, Renske Mulder, Hannah Ottenschot, Maartje Huveneers, Sanne Bouman, Mick Tijdeman

Board 9.0:

Much has changed since Proto was founded. The association, which once consisted of just a few members, has grown to one with hundreds of members. While the association was evolving, the boards of Proto were making it evolve as well. We, as Board 9.0, weren't afraid to make changes; whether it was new stuff for the Protopolis, a stronger focus on mental health, starting a party committee, (re)introducing societies, or storing 9 kilograms of cheese in the fridge for just a bit too long, we didn't get scared from any of it!

Our time as board members is sadly over. Luckily, Proto provides more than enough opportunities for us to not let go of our enthusiasm completely. It was great to work on the second Lustrum, for example! We can now enjoy seeing the work we've done being taken up by the next generations of Proto boards, and do so with great happiness.

And even though we believe we've worked so hard to change the association for the better (it's up to you to decide whether we succeeded), we're also still a cheery, chaotic bunch of weirdos. What else did you expect from a board with Nijntje/Miffy as their icon?


The 8th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 05-09-2018 as follows:

Peter van der Burgt - Chairman
Emiel Steegh - Secretary
Maxim de Leeuw - Treasurer
Philippe Tuinman - Officer Internal Affairs
Jeroen Ritmeester - Officer External Affairs
Daniela van Meggelen - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 8.0

From left to right: Daniela van Meggelen, Philippe Tuinman, Emiel Steegh, Peter van der Burgt, Jeroen Ritmeester, Maxim de Leeuw

Board 8.0:
We could say that a board year consists of a lot of activities that make it complete. Some activities may seem to appear larger than others, like for example a Constitution Drink (brassing!!), an Active Member Activity (puntering!!), or a Schrala (partying!!). But the smaller activities are more numerous and are, in our opinion, not inferior to these bigger activities.

For us, these smaller activities could be seen in our weekly board meetings, where we discussed very personal matters in our lives in addition to regular Proto matters, but these activities could also be seen in our attempts to “Not h8, but appreci8” our members and staff of our studies. Personal undertakings that completed our board year were (and still are) our monthly “teambuilding shenanigans”, where we chill together to not only be colleagues but also friends, our board holiday to Malta (you can still find some pictures in the depths of Proto’s Instagram), and the many slogans we came up with (“Don’t h8, appreci8”, “Confusingly attractive”, “Unable to blowdry”, “Plugpulling”, “Colleague” and “Sk8erbois”). We always found Protopolis very “gezellig” to hang out in and we know that that is still the case!

We are happy that we had the opportunity to meet as many people as we did and be part of as many activities as we did. These big, but also smaller things to enjoy with each other and with our association were definitely something that made our board year a great success and something that we still benefit from every day!

We enjoyed the whole year so much that we are still active as the society “Sk8erbois”, hosting activities like designing your own lasercut sk8board drinkplank. Unfortunately, some of us have already found, or are close to, the exit of the UT and are already working or studying somewhere else. Nevertheless, the Sk8erbois will stay alive as long as Avril Lavigne wills it ????

On behalf of Board 8.0, Sk8eeeeeeeer-BOIS!


The 7th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 06-09-2017 as follows:

Sander Koomen - Chairman
Quinten Tenger - Secretary & Officer External Affairs
Sarah Hoekstra - Treasurer & Officer Educational Affairs
Jaimy de Kok - Officer Internal Affairs

Board 7.0

From left to right: Sarah Hoekstra, Quinten Tenger, Sander Koomen & Jaimy de Kok

Board 7.0

Because we were only with four people, our mindset of trying to take on just as much as our predecessors (if not more!) proved to be more difficult than expected. However, this did not stop us from working hard to keep up the momentum of growth and activities organized alongside our dedicated members; a whirlwind of enthusiastic first and second year students, experienced old farts, and our fellow board members from the rest of the EEMCS faculty associations.

Together we have worked hard to introduce many new policies that have shown to be so essential that they have become staples of the association to this day. Some examples are the first official DIYCie workshop, the introduction of the Prototrip and Entropcy committees, and the addition of a master study: Interaction Technology! This also included a reboot of the pLAN committee, the introduction of the Proto socks and pens, officially becoming “stamgasten” at the Vestingbar, the transfer of our treasure trove of knowledge to the DokuWiki, a revamp of the Protopolis layout, as well as having the first camp to bring along activists.

Since then, it has been great to see the further growth of the association, the improvement of the atmosphere in the Protopolis, and the enthusiasm of all of the following years of board members that we hopefully helped inspire, even if only a little. Although we have tried to do a lot and succeeded decently at most of it, there is always more to be done. As James Bond famously said, "We have all the time in the world."

007.0, over and out!


The 6th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 07-09-2016 as follows:

Xadya van Bruxvoort - Chairwoman
Dennis Vinke - Secretary
Jur van Geel - Treasurer & Officer External Affairs
Laura Kester - Officer Internal Affairs
Kasper de Kruiff - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 6.0

From left to right: Laura Kester, Dennis Vinke, Xadya van Bruxvoort, Jur van Geel and Kasper de Kruiff

Board 6.0

Years come and go, and students go from active to dormant, but the association remains strong and ever-present. And it is for this continuation that each year will require new active members, committee members and a new board. In 2016 we took up the gauntlet, as a diverse group of active 2nd and 3rd years hoping to learn, live and develop ourselves further. Beyond studying and into the world of governing, managing and most of all ‘professional fun’.

We have had a turbulent year, as it should be, in which the Drafting committee was revamped (let there always be drinks ????), Proto’s second study trip was set up, the educational flowchart version 1.0 was finally released and the website as we now know it was launched. We still look back at all the memories made and hope we were at least a little bit of an inspiration for the years and activism to come. We at least very much enjoyed all the food related activities, some of which are still a tradition to this day. We are still grateful to all the now old farts that helped us make 2016-2017 awesome and like to thank everyone that has made proto amazing ever since.



The 5th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 09-09-2015 as follows:

Claudia Westerveld – Chairwoman
Tom Onderwater – Secretary
Rens Kruining – Treasurer
Janwillem te Voortwis – Officer Internal Affairs
Freek Teunen – Officer External Affairs
Carmen Burghardt – Officer Educational Affairs

Board 5.0

From left to right: Carmen Burghardt, Janwillem te Voortwis, Tom Onderwater, Claudia Westerveld, Rens Kruining and Freek Teunen

Board 5.0

In hindsight, I can safely say that a board year is one of the greatest opportunities for self-growth you can find at the University. I’m not hinting on the self-growth that comes from drinking too much beer or too many kapsalons (still, watch out for this), but actual mental and professional self-growth.

During our board year we’ve used this chance to push the envelope further by setting ambitious goals for ourselves. We created a more tangible relationship with our sponsors by organizing the lightsaber workshop, increased the floorspace of Proto by appropriating the board-room, joined the national board battle (and reached the finals), joined the EEMCS trip for the first time and made Alfred a honorary member. We set up new committees like the EducaCie and SportCie, organized an active member activity to the Efteling, and above all, had a great time doing all of it.


Chairwoman 5.0


The 4th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 09-09-2014 as follows:

Beerend Gerats – Chairman
Max Bode – Secretary
Ruben van den Berg – Treasurer
Maaike Dokter – Officer Internal Affairs
Jim Tolman – Officer External Affairs
Sophie de Haan – Officer Educational Affairs

Board 4.0

from left to right: Sophie de Haan, Maaike Dokter, Max Bode, Beerend Gerats, Ruben van den Berg, Jim Tolman.


The 3rd board of S.A. Proto, charged on 10-09-2013 as follows:

Pim Willems — Chairman
Frank Lammers — Secretary & Officer Educational Affairs
Jasper Lustig — Treasurer
Jonathan Juursema — Officer Internal Affairs
Aschwin Althoff — Officer External Affairs

Board 3.0

From left to right: Aschwin, Frank, Pim, Jasper and Jonathan


The 2nd board of S.A. Proto, charged on 01-10-2012 as follows

Wouter Deenik — Chairman & Officer Internal Affairs
Martijn Bruinenberg — Secretary & Officer Educational Affairs
Martijn van den Berg — Treasurer
Nigel Smink — Officer External Affairs

Comic Sans!

Board 2.0

From left to right: Nigel Smink, Martijn van den Berg, Wouter Deenik, Martijn Bruinenberg


The 1st board of S.A. Proto, charged on 13-09-2011 as follows:

Emile Nijssen — Chairman
Inéz Meyer — Secretary
Michel Lamoré — Treasurer
Duuk Baten — Officer Internal Affairs
Stefan Witkamp — Officer External Affairs
Jelle Pingen — Officer Educational Affairs

Board 1.0

From left to right: Stefan Witkamp, Jelle Pingen, Inéz Meyer, Emile Nijssen, Duuk Baten, Michel Lamoré


S.A. Proto was founded by three students from the pilot group of Creative Technology. With the expected growth of the CreaTe program, the urge for a study association dedicated to this study rose.

Herjan Treurniet — Chairman
Siewart van Wingerden — Secretary
Douwe Bart Mulder — Treasurer


From left to right: Siewart van Wingerden, Herjan Treurniet, Douwe Bart Mulder

Struggling against procedures, reforms and financial cutbacks, these three people founded S.A. Proto during the academic year 2010-2011. The first members were registered, a room was acquired and the first activities were organized. With the help of staff of the university and board members from other associations, the fundamentals of the association were laid down for the successors.