Previous boards


S.A. Proto was founded by three students from the pilot group of Creative Technology. With the expected growth of the CreaTe program, the urge for a study association dedicated to this study rose.

Herjan Treurniet — Chairman
Siewart van Wingerden — Secretary
Douwe Bart Mulder — Treasurer


From left to right: Siewart van Wingerden, Herjan Treurniet, Douwe Bart Mulder

Struggling against procedures, reforms and financial cutbacks, these three people founded S.A. Proto during the academic year 2010-2011. The first members were registered, a room was acquired and the first activities were organized. With the help of staff of the university and board members from other associations, the fundamentals of the association were laid down for the successors.


The 1st board of S.A. Proto, charged on 13-09-2011 as follows:

Emile Nijssen — Chairman
Inéz Meyer — Secretary
Michel Lamoré — Treasurer
Duuk Baten — Officer Internal Affairs
Stefan Witkamp — Officer External Affairs
Jelle Pingen — Officer Educational Affairs

Board 1.0

From left to right: Stefan Witkamp, Jelle Pingen, Inéz Meyer, Emile Nijssen, Duuk Baten, Michel Lamoré

Get to know the board members…

Emile Nijssen
First started as an Industrial Design student, I was active in multiple committees at Daedalus. After six months I however decided to switch to Creative Technology, because the study fits me better. It was like coming home, and I was sure this is what I wanted to do. In the year I will be a board member my goal is to run the association full-time, and next to it get the remaining study points to complete the first year. My interests are in everything technological and the way humans work. I hope that we can develop the association to be useful and both challenging for the students of Creative Technology!

Inéz Meyer
Hey guys. The name is Inéz, I am secretary in this board, which is very much fun to do. I can write all day long. That is a good thing, writing is one of my hobbies. Also I help organize things. Nice things. Together, this board is going to organize lectures from big companies, fun activities, parties, camp and so on and so on. Organizing is a valuable skill to have. This year I tend to develop this skill somewhat more. Besides this, it is quite noticeable that I am the only female influence in this board. If you didn't notice it, now you know. This makes me instantly the one responsible for the coffee and the fashion choices of the other board members. Well, I guess I have all year to change it!

Michel Lamoré
As a second year student of Creative Technology, I thought it was time to increase my knowledge on organizing activities and running an organisation in general. I also wanted to learn in a more 'real' environment: in University you do tackle problems that occur in the real world, but you don't see the result of the solutions you come up with, so being a board member is a good experience in seeing the consequences of your actions. My job is to make sure the budget of Proto is used in a fair way, so you get your money's worth for the membership fee you pay!

Duuk Baten
In the first year of my study I've been busy with a lot of things; studying, committees, partying and sailing. This year I decided to become part of the Proto board after organising the introduction. As Officer Internal Affairs I'm there for the students, I'm in charge of the committees and the monthly emails. Apart from Proto I'm also a active member of AEGEE-Enschede with my yearclub "Kapabel" and my fraternity "Pandemonium" and I'm an active member of D.Z. Euros the universities sailing association. So mainly this year I am going to do everything within my power to make studying CreaTe as much fun as possible.

Stefan Witkamp
In my first year of my study, also being an active student, I was thinking about the possibility to expand my view and experiences as a member of a board. After some conversations with the rest of the board, I decided to join in on the new board of S.A. Proto. Being the board of the study association I plan to get the association to the next level, while meanwhile strengthen as board members, both as a group and individually. As Officer of External Affairs I am responsible for the relations and contacts with third parties, making sure that companies don't miss out on our group of awesome students!

Jelle Pingen
When I heard of Proto being founded, I immediately thought of becoming active or even joining the board. I think a study association is a great addition for a new study like Creative Technology, and it's great to be a part of that. As the new Officer of Educational Affairs I will try to ensure the quality of education of CreaTe, as well as handle education-related questions and complaints. To fulfill this task, I will also take part in the Education Committee of CreaTe/HMI. Hopefully we can turn Proto into a full-grown study association!


The 2nd board of S.A. Proto, charged on 01-10-2012 as follows

Wouter Deenik — Chairman & Officer Internal Affairs
Martijn Bruinenberg — Secretary & Officer Educational Affairs
Martijn van den Berg — Treasurer
Nigel Smink — Officer External Affairs

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Board 2.0

From left to right: Nigel Smink, Martijn van den Berg, Wouter Deenik, Martijn Bruinenberg

About us:

Wouter Deenik
Hi, I’m Wouter, a third year CreaTe student. After one year studying without a study association Proto was founded and took over. As soon as the association became more active I started to take pictures on the activities every now and then. After some time I decided to become active in a committee as well and started organizing the faculty Kick-In. Around this time I decided that I wanted to do something else for my third year. To become board of Proto was a logical step and I was quite enthusiastic about all the possibilities in such a young association. I am the chairman and officer internal affairs this year, which means I will ‘lead’ the board and am in control of the committees and weekly mails.

Martijn Bruinenberg
My name is Martijn Bruinenberg and I started studying Creative Technology in February 2010 after I realized Communication Science was not for me. After two and a half years of studying CreaTe I became interested in helping manage our study association for a year to develop new skills. I am tasked with secretarial and educational matters. As a secretary I keep track of the communication and planning for the board and as officer educational affairs I try to improve the quality of the study from the students’ perspective. In everyday life my interests lie with rock and metal music, hanging out with friends, travelling whenever I get the chance and obviously tinkering with anything electronic. This year I hope to further advance my organizational and social skills.

Martijn van den Berg
Hi, I am Martijn van den Berg, the treasurer of Proto. The past 2 years I focused mainly on my study and sleeping, so the time had come to change my ways. I was granted the opportunity to join the board of Proto; without hesitation I grabbed this chance. I believe that the responsibility of being a board member will teach me a great diversity of useful skills. As treasurer I am responsible for the budget of Proto, making sure our money is spent wisely and our bills can be paid. So in conclusion: this year I will focus mainly on my board responsibilities.

Nigel Smink
Hi, my name is Nigel and I act as Officer External Affairs of Proto. I have been active in several committees to both increase my skills and to help build and invent the fundamental footsteps of our association. I believe there is lot of untapped potential when it comes to Creative Technology and the rest of the world. Technology is becoming ever more important these days, especially creatively, and will play an increasing role in our daily lives. It is my goal to let this demand meet supply so that S.A. Proto can make a difference.


The 3rd board of S.A. Proto, charged on 10-09-2013 as follows:

Pim Willems — Chairman
Frank Lammers — Secretary & Officer Educational Affairs
Jasper Lustig — Treasurer
Jonathan Juursema — Officer Internal Affairs
Aschwin Althoff — Officer External Affairs

Board 3.0

From left to right: Aschwin, Frank, Pim, Jasper and Jonathan

Get to know the board members…

Pim Willems
Pim is an active member of Proto. At the moment he is active in two committees: the Pilscie and the magazine committee. He started studying directly after his exams and immediately became an active member of the study association. Pim also works at a restaurant and is always looking to improve existing things and organizations (for example committees). This is the reason he wanted to apply as a candidate board member. Pim is fulfilling the function of chairman, where he will try to give a clear direction to the board and its members.

Frank Lammers
Frank is a member of Proto and wants to make a difference. He does not like to use systems that just work, while there are better solutions available: he is continuously looking for improvements. As officer educational affairs, he tries to make Creative Technology a more efficient study. Having participated in multiple debate contests, he believes he can persuade the study to create a better study atmosphere. Frank also loves to have a good time with other people, either while having a good conversation or a drink.

Jasper Lustig
Jasper has now been studying Creative Technology since 2011. He has been an active member of the Pilscie committee and is seen regularly at Proto activities in and around the Protopolis. Jasper is fulfilling the function of treasurer, holding the responsibility over all financial affairs. Desiring improving his organizational skills and getting a lot of new useful experiences he decided to apply for the Proto board of 2013/2014.

Jonathan Juursema
Jonathan is an active member of Proto, having served in eight committees and attending a lot of other Proto related events. In addition to this he also carries in experience with the Kick-In and the Batavierenrace and helps the IAPC foundation on a regular basis. In his spare time he practices improvisational theater and enjoys both listening and making music as well as having a good time with friends. Having completed his second year of the Creative Technology program he decided it was time to get more involved in the study association and he applied for a board membership as officer internal affairs

Aschwin Althoff
Aschwin is an active member of Proto. He has been an active member of the Dies committee for two years. The first committee that he joined was the Pilscie. After being in the committee for over a year he became her treasurer. Mainly because of this he started getting more interested to become a board member of study association Proto. As he became more active, he saw that the contact and collaboration of Proto with external organizations wasn’t quite maintained or even improved by the second board. This year Aschwin will be the officer external affairs. He wants to improve the contact and collaboration with external organizations. He wants to achieve this by organizing lunch lectures, workshops and other activities. From these collaborations some financial benefits should be earned. He is striving to gain more sponsors for Proto.


The 4th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 09-09-2014 as follows:

Beerend Gerats – Chairman
Max Bode – Secretary
Ruben van den Berg – Treasurer
Maaike Dokter – Officer Internal Affairs
Jim Tolman – Officer External Affairs
Sophie de Haan – Officer Educational Affairs

Board 4.0

from left to right: Sophie de Haan, Maaike Dokter, Max Bode, Beerend Gerats, Ruben van den Berg, Jim Tolman.

Beerend Gerats
My name is Beerend Gerats, a third year’s student Creative Technology, born about 19 years ago in Almere. I started my activism at S.A. Proto relatively early, when I became a member of the PilsCie within the first three months of my student time. First as general member, one year later as treasurer. Besides being responsible for the beer prizes at Proto drinks, I was also responsible for the cash flows of the KICC 2013 and the OS committee KIOSK in 2014. Also, I organized, with the help of a committee filled with Proto and Sirius members, our first Gala as chairman. Being a member of this years’ Board means to me taking this student activism to a higher level. As chairman I see this year as a challenging but valuable period.

Max Bode
My name is Max Bode, a third year Creative Technologist. I am 21 years of age and was raised in Oudewater, a tiny place next to Utrecht. I will be your secretary this year and am very excited about it. It is really great to be able to contribute to the association that gave me a lot of nice memories in the past two years. The planning is to make a hell of a lot more of them, for all the members of Proto. The committees that will be my responsibility are the Culture Committee, the pLAN and the whole new Wintersport Trip Committee the HusCee. This committee will organize Proto’s first wintersport trip.

Ruben van den Berg
My name is Ruben van den Berg, second years, 20year old and born in Amsterdam. I started in 2012 with Creative Technology and became a member of S.A. Proto during the Kick-In. My first committee was the Dies committee 2013 and was quickly followed by the camp, gala and dies 2014 committee. Since I got committed to the association I wanted to be in the board, too influence the association and let it grow to a full grown association. This year I will take the function of treasurer and I’m really looking forward to this year.

Maaike Dokter
My name is Maaike Dokter. I am a 21-year old student Creative Technology who just finished her second year. I have lived in many places and travelled to different countries, but settled down in Enschede in 2012 to start studying. Besides being part of the culture committee for two years and reviving the FanCie last year, I am also the coordinator of the open days since last March, which I will continue during my board year. I am very excited and honored to be fulfilling the function of Officer Internal Affairs next year and hope to get the know the present members better as well as meet the first years! I will also be striving towards a more structured committee environment and, hopefully, I will be able to help set up the very first S.A. Proto Symposium.

Jim Tolman
My name is Jim Tolman and I am a second year Creative Technology student. I am 20 years old and born in the lovely, historical city center of Delft. I moved to Enschede in 2012, started with Creative Technology and became a member of S.A. Proto. I became an active Proto member as I joined the Culture Committee where I helped organizing events like The Proto Photo Contest, TED talk evenings and Jam Sessions. Later I joined the Study Trip Committee and helped organizing the very first Creative Technology study trip to California, USA. This year my function will be Officer External Affairs and in that role I hope to kickstart the careers of Proto members. In the light of this mission, I will create and take responsibility for the Acquisition Committee. Also. I am sure that this will be a great year for S.A. Proto.

Sophie de Haan
My name is Sophie de Haan, 20 years old and a third year's Creative Technology student. I left the busy surroundings of Rotterdam for the quiet Enschede in 2012 to start studying. At S.A. Proto I am an active member of the FishCie, the committee I set up and which I led as its chairman. I also took an active place in the very first Study Trip Committee that went to Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, this is not officially a committee of S.A. Proto anymore. Next year my function in board 4.0 will be Officer Educational Affairs. Next to that I will take responsibility for the FishCie, the Bata Committee, the Activity Committee Extraordinaire and the Dies Committee.


The 5th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 09-09-2015 as follows:

Claudia Westerveld – Chairwoman
Tom Onderwater – Secretary
Rens Kruining – Treasurer
Janwillem te Voortwis – Officer Internal Affairs
Freek Teunen – Officer External Affairs
Carmen Burghardt – Officer Educational Affairs

Board 5.0

From left to right: Carmen Burghardt, Janwillem te Voortwis, Tom Onderwater, Claudia Westerveld, Rens Kruining and Freek Teunen

Claudia Westerveld
My name is Claudia Westerveld and like the rest of my board, I am a second year Creative Technologist. I was born twenty years ago in Amersfoort but raised in the flat province Frisia. It has always been a joy to help our study association and promote the study Creative Technology. I helped with Student-For-A-Day, the Open Days of the University of Twente and participated in committees such as the FanCie, KICC, Camp Committee and the OS committee KIOSK. I’ve seen during activities how they can help people in our association bond and next year I would like to improve our relationship with other EWI study associations. I know next year will be an experience I will never forget and one I can use in my future career.

Tom Onderwater
My name is Tom Onderwater, I am 21 years old and am a second year student Creative Technology. I was born in Zoetermeer but have spent my youth in Zevenhuizen, a small town lying in South-Holland. I will have the honor to be your secretary this year. I am excited about my board year and am looking forward to be a part of the secretary lineage. I will set up a new committee called the SportCie. This committee will consist out of the Bata committee and the StAf committee, It will also increase the bondage between Proto and some of the Sport Associations on the campus. I will also be responsible for the Camp Committee, the AprèsCie and the Activity Committee Extraordinaire.

Rens Kruining
My name is Rens Kruining. I am a 22 years old Creative Technologist and I have just finished my second year. After being born in 's-Hertogenbosch, I have lived in several places in the Netherlands before moving to Enschede to study. In my first year of CreaTe, I became very active at Proto, joining as many activities as possible as well as several committees. In the ACE, I started as a general member. Later in the year I joined the Dies Committee as secretary and the Camp Committee, making my first contact with the role of treasurer. The next year I became even more active. Besides being treasurer in the ACE, I started in the OmNomCom and the First Year Committee. I also helped out with the Dies Committee and helped the board with several tasks, among which the activity application form. During the first year I became interested in a board year and I am looking forward to fulfilling the role of treasurer next year.

Janwillem te Voortwis
My name is Karel Jan Willem te Voortwis and I am 20 years old and a second-year Creative Technology student. I come from Winterswijk where I lived for 18 years. When starting the study CreaTe, I moved to Enschede. When I joined Proto, I became active in the ACE for two years. Some awesome and sociable activities were organised. Proto organised a lot of other activities, and I joined many of them. This way I got to know quite a few great people, a nice example of what a benefits our study association gives. Later in the second year I became interested in doing a board year. I am happy to carry out the function of Officer of Internal Affairs this year. I will make Proto and its Protopolis a happy and nice place to be.

Freek Teunen
My name is Freek Teunen, almost 21 years old and finished with my second year Creative Technology. I was born in Uden, where I lived for four years, then I lived in Nijmegen and in Apeldoorn, where I finished high school. In the first year I was active at Proto in the ACE committee. My favourite activities that I helped organising were the Fright Nights and the Hunger Games. Later in my second year I joined the acquisition committee and helped to arrange a social networking lunch with companies. I find it an honour to be in Board 5.0 and I want to make it a great year as a board member and hopefully collect a lot of sponsorship.

Carmen Burghardt
My name is Carmen Burghardt, I am 22 years old. After growing up in the small village of Heerde, I moved to Enschede to study Creative Technology, of which I am finishing the second year. In the first year of my bachelor I was a member of two committees: The FanCie and the Culture committee. During the second year I joined the instruction committee of the “Four Happy Feet” dance school on which I am still active. Via this committee I have taught dancing and have given a lot of workshops.

As Officer Educational Affairs I want to maintain a close relationship with students from all year in order to come up with practical solutions to smaller and larger problems they have to cope with. In the coming year I will accomplish this is by building on the good work of the previous Officer Educational Affairs. I also hope to enrich this work by starting an Education Committee involving student volunteers.


The 6th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 07-09-2016 as follows:

Xadya van Bruxvoort - Chairwoman
Dennis Vinke - Secretary
Jur van Geel - Treasurer & Officer External Affairs
Laura Kester - Officer Internal Affairs
Kasper de Kruiff - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 6.0

From left to right: Laura Kester, Dennis Vinke, Xadya van Bruxvoort, Jur van Geel and Kasper de Kruiff

Xadya van Bruxvoort
My name is Xadya van Bruxvoort and I am, at the moment, a second year CreaTe student. I am 19 years old and was born and raised in the beautiful city of Arnhem. I have always been very active at Proto and I do like promoting our study and association to the outside world. I work at the Open Days of the University of Twente, I am a Student-assistant at multiple subjects, I was a Student-for-a-day mentor and I help as a Photographer during the Kick-in. I also participated in a lot of committees, such as the KICC, Lustrum Committee, FanCie, EducaCie, Acquisition and the Protography Committee.

I would like to help Proto grow, by further improving the relationship with not only EWI study associations, but also others. I would also like to improve our message to the outside world with both text and pictures. Next year is still very exciting, but I also look forward to all the good memories that will be created.

Dennis Vinke
Hi all, I am Dennis Vinke a third year CreaTe student. I have been raised in the city of Enschede. Most of you would know me as a student-assistant or as the object that becomes one with the the couch in the Protopolis. At the moment I am working on my Bachelor assignment, which I hope to finish before the start of next semester. Once the Bachelor project is done, I will repay Proto for all the good times it gave me during the study by being a secretary.  

Jur van Geel
The name is Jur van Geel and after my second CreaTe year it was time for a breath of fresh air through my life. I hope to fill the coming year with the things I love most; Committee work, my friends, the not so occasional drink and money. That’s why I want to govern Proto’s finances next year with the combination of Treasurer and External Affairs. Originally I lived in Schaijk, Noord Brabant where I spent my childhood years. This is where I discovered sailing which I try to do as much as possible and absorbs most of my free time. That’s also why I’m part of LeeHo for the third time coming year. After moving to Enschede, student live hit and it hit hard. I try to make most out of my years as a student and hope to have an remaining impact on Proto.
Cheers, Jur van Geel

Laura Kester
I am Laura, a second year CreaTe student and a proud member of the Proto furniture. I am 20 years old and I was raised in Druten, a small town near Nijmegen where I also attended high school. In my first year I was very active in several sport associations and did some committees there like the Linea Recta camp committee. Although I still spend a lot of time on several sports. I have
184 become more active at Proto during my second year. I am a member of the SportCie and the Fishcie, but most of the time I can be found somewhere around the Protopolis which I have been using as my second living room. That is why I want to become the Officer Internal Affairs of Proto. I know the association very well and feel at home at Proto. This is something I want for other Proto members as well. During my board year I would like to help Proto grow and gain more active members. Furthermore, as the Officer Internal Affairs, I want to strengthen the connection between the first years and the higher years to include first years more in our association. Hopefully this will lead to more active members who feel at home and appreciated in our association. 

Kasper de Kruiff
Hello, my name is Kasper de Kruiff and I will be the next Officer Educational Affairs. I am 22 years old and I lived in a city called Driebergen-Rijsenburg for 16 years. After this I moved to Enschede to study Creative Technology. The first two years of my study I spent a lot of my time studying and used Protopolis as the spot to take breaks as well as attending some activities from time to time. Me joining the board is my way of giving something back to Proto as thanks for all the good experiences! I will become the Officer of Educational Affairs because then I can help Creative Technology to be the best study it can be. I can use my practical skills to realize this.


The 7th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 06-09-2017 as follows:

Sander Koomen - Chairman
Quinten Tenger - Secretary & Officer External Affairs
Sarah Hoekstra - Treasurer & Officer Educational Affairs
Jaimy de Kok - Officer Internal Affairs

Board 7.0

From left to right: Sarah Hoekstra, Quinten Tenger, Sander Koomen & Jaimy de Kok

Sander Koomen
Hey there, I’m Sander Koomen, I’m 21 years old and currently finished my second-year of Creative Technology. I was raised in Hoogkarspel, a picturesque village in the north of Noord-Holland. I started studying Computer Science here but it didn’t suit me so I quickly switched to Creative Technology. Ever since I started studying here, I’ve wanted to be active in the student life; I realized this quickly by joining several committees in Proto and doing a part-time board year at the Vestingbar. I’m also crazy about music and DJ-ing, if you have ever walked into Proto there is a big chance you have seen me there forcing my musical taste unto unsuspecting people. Yearning for more experience and an overall awesome time, I have set my sights on a full-time board year and hope to continue with the same enthusiasm and positive spirit as the chairman of Proto in the coming year.

Quinten Tenger
Hi, my name is Quinten Tenger. I am 19 years old and a second-year Creative Technology student (for now). Originally, I am from Bussum, but I moved to Enschede to study when I was 17. A large chunk of my free time is spent either collecting, listening to and playing music or messing around with electronics. Though I am active at Proto now, I did not become active until the end of my first year when I joined the Acquisition Committee, which aims to arrange collaborations between Proto and CreaTe-oriented companies. Ever since, I have been trying to become more and more active, resulting in me becoming a student assistant for some of the CreaTe courses and being in quite a few committees. However, the Acquisition Committee has stood out to me the most so far and my passion for corporate contact is the reason I am the candidate Officer of External Affairs. Aside from putting CreaTe on the map for companies, I will also be the Secretary of the study association for the upcoming year, which means I will be responsible for around 90% of the emails. During my board year, I hope to make many people as enthusiastic about CreaTe as I am and, of course, make a lot of great memories.

Jaimy de Kok
Hello, my name is Jaimy de Kok and I am the Treasurer and Officer Internal Affairs of this year. I am currently 21 years old, which makes me the oldest member of our board. I grew up in Huizen, which is a small town in t' Gooi. I knew the first day I was at Proto that I wanted to do a board year. After joining some committees I noticed that the most fun thing to do in the board would be Officer of Internal Affairs. With this I can motivate new members and make Proto a place for everybody to feel welcome! Because this is not a very challenging function for me, I decided to become treasurer as well.
I hope to have a fun year with everybody :)

Sarah Hoekstra
Hi, my name is Sarah Hoekstra, I am 20 years old. I was born in Voorburg, but raised in Barendrecht, a fast growing village next to Rotterdam. I am a second year student at the university. In my first year, I spent a lot of time in the Protopolis, which caused me to spend little time at home, for I enjoyed Proto more. I then started to think about doing a board year at Proto. However, I wanted to study some more before dedicating a full year of my life to this beautiful association. I joined committees to get to know the association better. I started to love Proto more and more. The committee I enjoyed most was the EducaCie, this is the reason why I chose to apply for Officer of Educational Affairs. My goal for this year is to make the studying easier for all Creative Technology students by organizing more studynights and give more information about courses.


The 8th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 05-09-2018 as follows:

Peter van der Burgt - Chairman
Emiel Steegh - Secretary
Maxim de Leeuw - Treasurer
Philippe Tuinman - Officer Internal Affairs
Jeroen Ritmeester - Officer External Affairs
Daniela van Meggelen - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 8.0

From left to right: Daniela van Meggelen, Philippe Tuinman, Emiel Steegh, Peter van der Burgt, Jeroen Ritmeester, Maxim de Leeuw

Board 8.0:
We could say that a board year consists of a lot of activities that make it complete. Some activities may seem to appear larger than others, like for example a Constitution Drink (brassing!!), an Active Member Activity (puntering!!), or a Schrala (partying!!). But the smaller activities are more numerous and are, in our opinion, not inferior to these bigger activities.

For us, these smaller activities could be seen in our weekly board meetings, where we discussed very personal matters in our lives in addition to regular Proto matters, but these activities could also be seen in our attempts to “Not h8, but appreci8” our members and staff of our studies. Personal undertakings that completed our board year were (and still are) our monthly “teambuilding shenanigans”, where we chill together to not only be colleagues but also friends, our board holiday to Malta (you can still find some pictures in the depths of Proto’s Instagram), and the many slogans we came up with (“Don’t h8, appreci8”, “Confusingly attractive”, “Unable to blowdry”, “Plugpulling”, “Colleague” and “Sk8erbois”). We always found Protopolis very “gezellig” to hang out in and we know that that is still the case!

We are happy that we had the opportunity to meet as many people as we did and be part of as many activities as we did. These big, but also smaller things to enjoy with each other and with our association were definitely something that made our board year a great success and something that we still benefit from every day!

We enjoyed the whole year so much that we are still active as the society “Sk8erbois”, hosting activities like designing your own lasercut sk8board drinkplank. Unfortunately, some of us have already found, or are close to, the exit of the UT and are already working or studying somewhere else. Nevertheless, the Sk8erbois will stay alive as long as Avril Lavigne wills it ????

On behalf of Board 8.0, Sk8eeeeeeeer-BOIS!


The 9th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 04-09-2019 as follows:

Maartje Huveneers - Chairman
Hannah Ottenschot - Secretary
Sanne Bouman - Treasurer
Renske Mulder - Officer Internal Affairs
Mick Tijdeman - Officer External Affairs
Manouk Hillebrand - Officer Educational Affairs

Board 9.0

From left to right: Manouk Hillebrand, Renske Mulder, Hannah Ottenschot, Maartje Huveneers, Sanne Bouman, Mick Tijdeman

Board 9.0:

Much has changed since Proto was founded. The association, which once consisted of just a few members, has grown to one with hundreds of members. While the association was evolving, the boards of Proto were making it evolve as well. We, as Board 9.0, weren't afraid to make changes; whether it was new stuff for the Protopolis, a stronger focus on mental health, starting a party committee, (re)introducing societies, or storing 9 kilograms of cheese in the fridge for just a bit too long, we didn't get scared from any of it!

Our time as board members is sadly over. Luckily, Proto provides more than enough opportunities for us to not let go of our enthusiasm completely. It was great to work on the second Lustrum, for example! We can now enjoy seeing the work we've done being taken up by the next generations of Proto boards, and do so with great happiness.

And even though we believe we've worked so hard to change the association for the better (it's up to you to decide whether we succeeded), we're also still a cheery, chaotic bunch of weirdos. What else did you expect from a board with Nijntje/Miffy as their icon?

BOARD 10.0

The 10th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 02-09-2020 as follows:

Imke Verschuren - Chairwoman
Jesse Visser - Secretary & Officer of Educational Affairs
Jonathan Matarazzi - Treasurer
Sebastiaan van Loon - Officer Internal Affairs & Officer External Affairs

Board 10.0

From left to right: Sebastiaan van Loon, Jesse Visser, Imke Verschuren, Jonathan Matarazzi

Imke Verschuren
Hi there, I'm Imke Verschuren. As I'm writing this, I'm 19 years old and have just finished my second year of Creative Technology. I grew up in and around Bennekom, a town in the middle of the Netherlands, and moved to Enschede in the summer of 2018. During the Kick-In I became a member of S.A. Proto and at the first committee market I signed up for the First Year Committee and the ProtoTrip Committee and joined the EEMCS-trip Committee halfway through the year. I decided that three committees was enough for me and only wanted to join one more for my second year, so I joined the Activity Committee Extraordinaire. But then, before I knew it, I was suddenly a member of seven committees and the part-time Foundation ICE board. All of this activism taught me a lot about Proto and working with different types of people and I hope that during my board year I will be able to apply and expand this knowledge in a broader perspective. To help me with this I want to learn how to give and take constructive criticism and to gain confidence in my own abilities. I want to focus on transitioning Proto back to "normal" from the COVID-19 plagued life as smoothly as possible. With this also comes the aim to keep both old and new members motivated throughout the year despite the difficult conditions. Of course, I also want to contribute to celebrating an awesome Lustrum year with everyone. I'm excited to work on running and improving Proto for a full year together with my awesome fellow board members!

Jesse Visser
Hey, I'm Jesse Visser, I'm currently 20 years old and just finished my second year of the Creative Technology bachelor. I was born in Fryslân and grew up in a little town called Eastermar. I moved to Enschede in September of 2018. It all started when I attended my first General Member Meeting of S.A. Proto during my first week at the UT. Ever since then I have been an active Proto member. I have been a member of the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committeee and pLAN committee, and I have thoroughly integrated with the furniture of the Protopolis. From the moment I found out CreaTe exists I knew it was the study for me and I still believe that this is the only study that truly fits me. However, there is still a lot to improve, which I am excited to be a part of. I'll also do my best to keep Proto nice and orderly. I hope to strengthen the brand of Proto and its design and bring more awareness to the educational content Proto provides to its members.

Jonathan Matarazzi
Hey there, I'm Jonathan Matarazzi a 20 years old Creative Technology student who just finished his second year. I grew up in the not-so-wild west, in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. In the last years of secondary education I already knew I was going to move out of my parents' home, and I'm very happy the destination turned out to be Enschede. During my student-for-a-day experience I was shortly introduced to the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committeee and I got really excited about joining them, so that is what I did after the first committee market. Later in the year I also joined the EducaCie, and in my second year the DIYCie and pLAN also joined the club. I quickly grew quite fond of Proto and found myself hanging in the Protopolis almost every day. Now a new time has come, and I'm looking forward to hopefully being the treasurer of Proto next year. Since I like efficiency, I really hope to improve any tedious workflows currently in place. I think digitising the current workflows and, if time allows for it, existing documents could really help to make things a little easier, tidier, and more structured. As everybody else, I still have a lot to learn. I think a board year is a great opportunity to improve on and learn some skills. Next to learning some awesome bookkeeping skills, I hope to improve my workload managing skills. Making sure my workload is manageable and planned over the week in a structured way can be hard, but I'm sure the upcoming year will help me train this skill. As an end note, I just want to say I'm looking forward to fulfilling my tasks as one of the hopefully new board members, but also to hanging out and having fun with my fellow Proto members.

Sebastiaan van Loon
Hello there, my name is Sebastiaan van Loon. Currently 22 years old and a second year Creative technology student. I was born in Bergen op Zoom and lived there until I was 14, after that I moved to Doetinchem. Before Creative Technology I studied Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen for a year. I've had no regrets in switching to Creative Technology and found that the study and community fits me far better. I can't exactly pinpoint when it happened but at some point in my first year I started doing committees for Proto, and I mean A LOT of committees. Being active has already taught me a lot about myself and I hope that a board year at this wonderful association will teach me even more. My focus next year will be to get new first year students enthusiastic for Proto and to keep companies interested in our association despite the many changes going on in the world. Personally I hope to learn to let go in the upcoming year. Some things are just not important enough to keep worrying about and sometimes it's also important to say no.

BOARD 11.0

The 11th board of S.A. Proto, charged on 07-09-2021 as follows:

Sarah Jansen - Chair
Ellis Dijkstra - Secretary & Officer of Internal Affairs
Martijn van Ooijen - Treasurer
Laura Schep - Officer of External Affairs
Louis van Maurik - Officer of Educational Affairs

Board 11.0
From left to right: Laura Schep, Ellis Dijkstra, Sarah Jansen, Martijn van Ooijen, Louis van Maurik

Sarah Jansen
Hi! I’m Sarah Jansen, I am 20 years old at the moment and I am from Vriezenveen (a small village in Twente). I have nearly finished my second year at CreaTe. I have been active within Proto right from the beginning, when I was just chilling in Propolis as a fresh first year student and was asked to join the Dies committee. At that point I didn’t even live in Enschede yet. This was my only committee for a while, after which I joined the Camp committee and Activity Committee Extraordinaire in my second year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation prevented the planned activities of all the committees I was in. That is one of the reasons I wanted to do a board year; to be able to organise and attend a lot of fun activities. Other reasons for doing a board year are: stepping outside of my comfort zone, hopefully learning to be more confident with my soft skills, such as public speaking and picking up some personal projects. I hope to learn a lot during the coming year with Proto and to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

Ellis Dijkstra
Hello everyone, I'm Ellis Dijkstra! I turned 20 on the first day of the Kick-In and I’ve finished two years of CreaTe. I have been pretty active for Proto in my first year: I had a lot of committees under my belt and while two of them were helper committees, I still spent quite some hours in the week on Proto. Even though I was less active in my second year, I still enjoyed (and missed) the activism. I have always had a preference for the committees which organise bigger events, although a committee with smaller events shakes things up nicely. This realization made me decide to sign up for the biggest “committee” Proto has: board!

I am currently the Secretary and the Officer of Internal Affairs, so you’ll be seeing me around a lot. I’d like to try to get to know more people within the other study associations. There are a lot of associations which we barely see, and if we knew them a little better, we could try to organise activities or host drinks together. This would improve the interaction between the associations. I'm really looking forward to next year and I’d love to meet all of you in person soon. Fingers crossed!

Martijn van Ooijen
Hello there, I am Martijn van Ooijen, I am 20 years old and as of writing this I just finished my second year of CreaTe. I was born in Zwijndrecht (near Rotterdam) and grew up in Hoogeveen. Right before starting my study at the UT I moved to Enschede. After becoming a member of Proto during the Kick-In, I quite quickly joined the Culture Committee, which I have been a part of for two years now. Halfway through the first year I also joined the CampCo, of which I am still a member. I really enjoy these committees, it is simply great fun to be able to entertain others.

I really look forward to the challenge of being treasurer; since bookkeeping is completely new to me there will be a learning curve. Still, I am very curious about the inner workings of Proto and I feel that the monetary side is a very important part of that. A personal goal as treasurer is to be very open about the how and why of the financial side. I will try to get this across especially to the committee treasurers, so that they know why they have to do what they do. I would also like to work on developing the “introduction to treasurer” documents further, as they are still lacking in some places.

Lastly, I really miss being able to just chill in Protopolis. I hope to be able to welcome a lot of (semi) new people into Proto next year. It’s bound to be fun!

Laura Schep
Hi! I'm Laura Schep. At this moment I am 19 years old and have just finished my second year of CreaTe. I was born in Eindhoven, but have lived in Weesp (near het Gooi) for the majority of my life (although I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a “Gooise kakker”). Anyways,I am very happy to have made the decision to come to Enschede after high school. During my first year at Proto, I have joined the Protography and CampCo, but I mainly hung around Protopolis a lot and was a frequent visitor of the MoADs. At CreaTe, I have been lucky to meet a large variety of good people and have gotten to know our lovely association.

I am excited to be the Officer of External Affairs. With my function, I hope to show companies the awesomeness of Proto! The studies and all of its people really offer unique opportunities and experiences. By paying close attention to the personal connection that Proto has with companies, I hope to open their doors towards our members. I want to allow Proto members to get to know more companies and see the world beyond the walls of the university.

All in all, I can’t wait to get started! I hope to see all of your faces again in Protopolis, with a coffee in one hand and a tosti in the other.

Louis van Maurik
Hello, I am Louis van Maurik. I am 20 years old and a second year CreaTe student. I grew up in Utrecht and moved to Enschede when I started studying. Although Enschede is a lot smaller than Utrecht, I think the city has something nice to offer. I like to party and because all clubs are in the same area, you don’t have to walk much to meet with friends, which I think is really nice. Another thing about me is that I am a member of Luxovius, which is a fraternity that usually goes to Café Mood on Thursday nights. Although I like to party, I am a serious worker as well and like to learn. That’s why I did some committees next to my study in my first and second year. Through these channels I became an active Proto member. As you can see, this resulted in me wanting to do a board year.

I hope to learn a lot from my board year. Next to all the practical skills you learn, I also want to develop myself personally. Two examples of those are handling criticism and handling the pressure you get with responsibilities. Finally, I want to say that I really like the studies CreaTe and ITech, and I am really passionate about them. However, I still believe that the studies can improve, as they always will. I hope that I will be able to use the feedback of students and communicate with staff members to improve the studies even further.