Honorary Members

This page is dedicated to the honorary members of S.A. Proto.

Gerrit van der Hoeven

My role in Creative Technology up until 2016 was (and had been since 2009) to take overall responsibility for the performance of the Creative Technology course, from student intake, via course content, teaching, counselling and supervision, to graduation (and beyond). I was programme director, but I didn’t have the powers of a company director. I was more like a musical director, a conductor of a large and complicated orchestra. An orchestra of teachers and students, most of them (of both kinds) not easily manageable. But together we created quite a performance.

Erik Faber

My role in Creative Technology is to ensure that the performance of the Creative Technology course goes as smoothly as possible. I was the programme coordinator and it is almost impossible to pinpoint this task in a few sentences. I see this function as a service function so the main process of education keeps going as best as possible; i.e. in which the circumstances under which the teachers teach and the students receive their education meet the highest standards possible. "Together we create" is the slogan of Proto. I could not agree more. I strongly believe that it is the cooperation between students and staff that makes students gain the maximum out of a study. In such a way they can use this study as a springboard for their next jump, a deep dive into society.

Alfred de Vries

Alfred's role is to keep the students of Creative Technology and Interaction Technology supplied with all kinds of stuff, ranging from Arduino shields to xBox Kinects. If you need something, he probably has it! Next to that, he oversees the lasercutter and the 3D printers in SmartXP. Your project is not working? Go to Alfred! He will help you without hesitation. But, most importantly, he does everything with a smile. He is often found in Proto to enjoy himself a coffee and have a talk with students. Make sure to walk by his office and say hi sometime.

Jonathan Juursema

I joined this fantastic study association when I started with my Creative Technology bachelor in September 2011. I did some committees here and there and committed to do a full-time board year in 2013-2014. Since 2011 I have had the privilege to take part in an array of fantastic committees. Even though it’s been long since I have finished my masters and turned into a boring citizen I'm happy that I can still take part in the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee - a committee I have been a part of since the moment I started studying. It's my favorite, and the one together with which I am still working on the website that (hopefully) makes the tasks of everyone in the association just a little bit easier.