The thirteeth board of S.A. Proto
From left to right: Emma Burema, Joris Agtereek, Ilse de Haan, Luce Zoontjens, Mark Tool, Bart Oude Voshaar

Picture by Jonathan Juursema

Luce Zoontjens | Chair | Chair

Hi! I am Luce Zoontjens, currently 20 years old and a second-year CreaTer. Before I came to live in Enschede two years ago, I spent my days in Hilversum, the heart of ‘t Gooi. In my Kick-In I became a member of Proto and soon attended most MoADs and other activities. Like the others, I really liked the atmosphere of Proto and soon felt at home in this association. After a while, I joined the Dies committee and later on, also the Camp committee in my first year, which I both continued in my second year. In my second year, I decided to join some more, and soon my breaks disappeared into committee meetings, but I did not really mind; I realised I really enjoy organising all kinds of activities and collaborations with other members. So, at some point, I thought: why not do a board year? So, here I am, and very excited to become Chair this year. I hope to bring my enthusiasm for Proto across to the new members of Proto and to of course also develop skills, like leadership and social skills. With that, I am looking forward to getting started and having a fun (and educational) year!

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Ilse de Haan | Cloud icon | Secretary

Hi there! I’m Ilse de Haan, currently 21 years old, grew up in Jubbega (Friesland) and I am a third-year Creative Technology student. Even though I have been a Proto member for three years now, I only became active in my third year. In my first two years, I did join a lot of activities and MoADs but did not join any committees because I was very busy with studying, joining the study trip, and being part of three dance associations. I am a member of the hip hop dance association Break Even, and the contemporary association Arabesque (where I did a part-time board year in 2021/2022), and still dance with a group in Friesland with which we participate in competitions and do lots of performances. In my third year, I was retaking some courses and had a lot of free time, so I was planning on joining one or two committees. Since Proto has a lot of fun committees I ended up joining the ACE, GraphiCie, DisCo, CampCo, ProtoTrip, and ProtOpeners committee. Because I enjoyed being in these committees so much, I decided I wanted to become more active and do a board year at Proto. I am very excited to become Secretary and improve my organisational skills, sending out emails, and of course, improving my typing and spelling skills :). Next to that, I also think it is a great opportunity to broaden my network and take on lots of different projects next to my Secretary duties. Lastly, I am also looking forward to having a lot of fun with my fellow board members and all of the Proto members!

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Mark Tool | Chip icon | Treasurer

Bonjour! I’m Mark Tool and with 23 years, I’m the oldest of the Board. I grew up in Wognum, West-Friesland (it’s a region in Noord-Holland, Google it) and I’ve been living in Enschede for almost 4 years now. I became a member of Proto in 2019 but sadly I haven’t been active for most of the years since. Last year, in an attempt to get to know more people from CreaTe I attended the committee market and joined the sportiest committees of Proto: SportCie and SurfSea. And as you may have guessed since I’m on the candidate board, I enjoyed it! During COVID, I came up with a plan to get out of my comfort zone and become more social. It’s been on my horizon for a while and becoming a board member is the last step in that plan, so I’m really happy to be given this opportunity.
I’m really enthusiastic about becoming treasurer. As I’m already somewhat experienced in bookkeeping through my job I’m not really intimidated by the function. But don’t worry, I’m not naive enough to believe I already know everything and that I will do everything perfectly on the first try. Now it would be fun to end my piece on a humorous note and explain the treasurer-related swimming pool on the back of our polo’s and our introduction video, but that wouldn’t be me, I don’t do cheap shots like that. Or do I?

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Joris Agtereek | Heart icon | Officer of Internal Affairs

Hey peeps! My name is Joris Agtereek. I’m 21 years old and from the (not so) beautiful town of Anjum in the (very) beautiful province of Fryslân. While writing this, I have just finished my 2nd year of CreaTe. Right upon joining Proto in my first year, I joined the Dies Committee, the Gala Committee, the EducaCie, and the Guild Of Drafters. It is safe to say that I was very active very early on. Being active within Proto did not end in my 2nd year, where I was part of the Dies and EducaCie again and joined the DisCo, GraphiCie, and Protography. The enthusiasm for Proto has not gone away either so I am very happy to become Officer of Internal Affairs next year and keep Proto’s committees running and making sure you all get the most out of your membership at our lovely association! I hope to further improve my organisational skills and learn to work more efficiently when the pressure of a deadline is not necessarily there yet. I think my board year will be a great opportunity to improve these skills, among many others. I cannot wait to get to know all of our new members and get started with the year that is ahead of us!

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Bart Oude Voshaar | Globe icon | Officer of External Affairs

Hi everyone! I am Bart Oude Voshaar. At the moment, I am 19 years old and just finished my second year of CreaTe. I grew up in Wageningen and moved to Enschede right after high school. After becoming a member of Proto, I sadly stayed inactive at the association (apart from joining a few activities). Luckily, in my second year, I joined the TIPcie and the Guild of Drafters. These committees made me incredibly motivated for Proto and left me wanting more. I plan to stay in these committees for a long time, as I greatly enjoy the work we have been doing.
I am extremely excited about being the Officer of External Affairs of our association and plan to learn a lot of both hard and soft skills. Some of these skills would be corporate contact, negotiating, and earning some money for the association. I think it is an excellent opportunity to step out of my comfort zone while still doing things I love, for an association I love.
I cannot wait to get started!

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Emma Burema |Lamp icon | Officer of Educational Affairs

Hello, I'm Emma Burema, currently a 21-year-old student in my second year of CreaTe. Originally, I come from a small town near Rotterdam called Krimpen aan den IJssel. When I moved to Enschede, I initially pursued Applied Physics and soon discovered the joy of being part of study associations. Eventually, I found my perfect fit at CreaTe and joined Proto as well. In my first year, I joined the SportCie and the Guild of Drafters, both of which I continued in my second year. Additionally, I became an ERO and joined the EmergenCie. Spending a lot of time in Protopolis and immersing myself in various activities has fuelled my motivation, and I eagerly anticipate this year. As the candidate Officer of Educational Affairs, I'm excited about improving the education within Creative Technology and Interaction Technology, all the coffee dates with the staff, and contributing to the growth of the exam and summary database. I genuinely hope that students feel comfortable approaching me, knowing that I am always ready to assist them with any concerns or queries they may have.

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