The eleventh board of S.A. Proto
From left to right: Laura Schep, Ellis Dijkstra, Sarah Jansen, Martijn van Ooijen, Louis van Maurik

Picture by Thomas van Wanrooij

Sarah Jansen | Chair | Chair

Hi! I’m Sarah Jansen, I am 20 years old at the moment and I am from Vriezenveen (a small village in Twente). I have nearly finished my second year at CreaTe. I have been active within Proto right from the beginning, when I was just chilling in Propolis as a fresh first year student and was asked to join the Dies committee. At that point I didn’t even live in Enschede yet. This was my only committee for a while, after which I joined the Camp committee and Activity Committee Extraordinaire in my second year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation prevented the planned activities of all the committees I was in. That is one of the reasons I wanted to do a board year; to be able to organise and attend a lot of fun activities. Other reasons for doing a board year are: stepping outside of my comfort zone, hopefully learning to be more confident with my soft skills, such as public speaking and picking up some personal projects. I hope to learn a lot during the coming year with Proto and to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

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Ellis Dijkstra | Cloud icon & Heart icon | Secretary & Officers of Internal Affairs

Hello everyone, I'm Ellis Dijkstra! I turned 20 on the first day of the Kick-In and I’ve finished two years of CreaTe. I have been pretty active for Proto in my first year: I had a lot of committees under my belt and while two of them were helper committees, I still spent quite some hours in the week on Proto. Even though I was less active in my second year, I still enjoyed (and missed) the activism. I have always had a preference for the committees which organise bigger events, although a committee with smaller events shakes things up nicely. This realization made me decide to sign up for the biggest “committee” Proto has: board!

I am currently the Secretary and the Officer of Internal Affairs, so you’ll be seeing me around a lot. I’d like to try to get to know more people within the other study associations. There are a lot of associations which we barely see, and if we knew them a little better, we could try to organise activities or host drinks together. This would improve the interaction between the associations. I'm really looking forward to next year and I’d love to meet all of you in person soon. Fingers crossed!

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Martijn van Ooijen | Chip icon | Treasurer

Hello there, I am Martijn van Ooijen, I am 20 years old and as of writing this I just finished my second year of CreaTe. I was born in Zwijndrecht (near Rotterdam) and grew up in Hoogeveen. Right before starting my study at the UT I moved to Enschede. After becoming a member of Proto during the Kick-In, I quite quickly joined the Culture Committee, which I have been a part of for two years now. Halfway through the first year I also joined the CampCo, of which I am still a member. I really enjoy these committees, it is simply great fun to be able to entertain others.

I really look forward to the challenge of being treasurer; since bookkeeping is completely new to me there will be a learning curve. Still, I am very curious about the inner workings of Proto and I feel that the monetary side is a very important part of that. A personal goal as treasurer is to be very open about the how and why of the financial side. I will try to get this across especially to the committee treasurers, so that they know why they have to do what they do. I would also like to work on developing the “introduction to treasurer” documents further, as they are still lacking in some places.

Lastly, I really miss being able to just chill in Protopolis. I hope to be able to welcome a lot of (semi) new people into Proto next year. It’s bound to be fun!

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Laura Schep | Globe icon | Officer of External Affairs

Hi! I'm Laura Schep. At this moment I am 19 years old and have just finished my second year of CreaTe. I was born in Eindhoven, but have lived in Weesp (near het Gooi) for the majority of my life (although I definitely wouldn’t classify myself as a “Gooise kakker”). Anyways,I am very happy to have made the decision to come to Enschede after high school. During my first year at Proto, I have joined the Protography and CampCo, but I mainly hung around Protopolis a lot and was a frequent visitor of the MoADs. At CreaTe, I have been lucky to meet a large variety of good people and have gotten to know our lovely association.

I am excited to be the Officer of External Affairs. With my function, I hope to show companies the awesomeness of Proto! The studies and all of its people really offer unique opportunities and experiences. By paying close attention to the personal connection that Proto has with companies, I hope to open their doors towards our members. I want to allow Proto members to get to know more companies and see the world beyond the walls of the university.

All in all, I can’t wait to get started! I hope to see all of your faces again in Protopolis, with a coffee in one hand and a tosti in the other.

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Louis van Maurik |Lamp icon | Officer of Educational Affairs

Hello, I am Louis van Maurik. I am 20 years old and a second year CreaTe student. I grew up in Utrecht and moved to Enschede when I started studying. Although Enschede is a lot smaller than Utrecht, I think the city has something nice to offer. I like to party and because all clubs are in the same area, you don’t have to walk much to meet with friends, which I think is really nice. Another thing about me is that I am a member of Luxovius, which is a fraternity that usually goes to Café Mood on Thursday nights. Although I like to party, I am a serious worker as well and like to learn. That’s why I did some committees next to my study in my first and second year. Through these channels I became an active Proto member. As you can see, this resulted in me wanting to do a board year.

I hope to learn a lot from my board year. Next to all the practical skills you learn, I also want to develop myself personally. Two examples of those are handling criticism and handling the pressure you get with responsibilities. Finally, I want to say that I really like the studies CreaTe and ITech, and I am really passionate about them. However, I still believe that the studies can improve, as they always will. I hope that I will be able to use the feedback of students and communicate with staff members to improve the studies even further.

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