Board 9.0

From left to right: Manouk Hillebrand, Renske Mulder, Hannah Ottenschot, Maartje Huveneers, Sanne Bouman, Mick Tijdeman
Picture by: Emiel Steegh

Maartje Huveneers | Gear | Chairman
Hello! My name is Maartje Huveneers, I am 20 years old and I am currently in my second year of Creative Technology. I come from Barneveld, a town in the center of the Netherlands. I moved to the campus when I started studying in the year 2017-2018. After the Kick-In, I became enthusiastic about Proto and joined the First Year Committee, SportCie, Guild of Drafters and later also the Camp Committee. I liked this a lot, so also joined the Activity Committee Extraordinaire and ProtOpeners in my second year. I’ve learned a lot already from doing these committees and I want to keep on learning by doing a board year. I have been enthusiastic about Proto since I started studying here and I hope to bring this enthusiasm to others too next year. During next year, I’d like to make sure that the Proto board, and with that, also Proto itself, is accessible to new members. I hope to bring Proto enthusiasm, but also critical thinking when needed. Apart from that, I hope to keep on doing my own small CreaTe-type of projects as well.

Hannah Ottenschot | Cloud | Secretary
Hey! My name is Hannah Ottenschot and I am currently 20 years old. For one and a half years I have been living on campus, but my childhood was spent in Franeker, Friesland. Right after I came to Enschede and enrolled for CreaTe, it felt like I had really found my place. The study offered me many opportunities to learn new and diverse things about design, technology and software. Since I wasn’t looking for any study direction in particular, this was spot on. Right from the beginning I was drawn to Proto and everything it had to offer, including quite some committees. Especially in the second year, Proto started to take over my life a bit, and I was left with little spare time. However, I feel like I learned a whole lot during these two years, and I have no regrets. I hope my experiences will help me in staying structured and on point, and helping my fellow board members to do so. Next to this, I want to take a look at the DokuWiki, and see if it can be reorganised. Of course, I expect there will be many challenges to overcome next year, but I have absolute faith that next year will be fruitful and, most importantly, a lot of fun!

Sanne Bouman | Chip | Treasurer
Hey! My name is Sanne Bouman, I am currently 19 years old, and have finished my second year of the study Creative Technology. I hail from a small town in Brabant and I like to describe myself as the stereotypical creative nerd, since I like being creative and I like studying and learning new things. I joined Proto during my Kick-In, and have been satiating my thirst for learning new skills by being active in a couple of committees, starting out with the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again Committee and the GraphiCie. I later also joined the OmNomCom. Halfway through my second year, after putting a lot of my time into my study, I realised that I needed to give myself a break from studying and focus a bit more on other fun and interesting things in life, and doing a board year for Proto sounded perfect for that. It is an opportunity to both learn new skills that just studying won’t teach you, while also spending time with some amazing people in a great environment. I am very excited for the coming year!

Renske Mulder | Heart | Officer Internal Affairs
My name is Renske Mulder. Currently I am 19 years and I am a second year Creative Technology student. I was born and raised here in Enschede, to be more specific: in Lonneker. Lonneker is a small town right next to Enschede, my home is just a 20 minute bike ride away. Living near an awesome city like Enschede made me really excited to start studying here. In my first year I lived in Lonneker with my parents, but after that I moved to the campus. Because of this change, I started to become more active in Proto. I joined committees like the Activity Committee Extraordinaire, the Gala committee and later also the GraphiCie. I started hanging out more in Proto, which filled my purchase history in the OmNomCom with tostis and noodles. When board 8.0 hung up the posters for the Board Interest Lunch, I was not sure if I wanted to do a board year. I went to the lunch anyways and that sparked my interest for sure. I was ready to try something different, so I put all the doubt aside and took the leap of faith, which brought me here. Next year, I want people to feel welcome in the Protopolis and I hope to make more people active, but I also hope to learn new skills and be more confident in my own opinions.

Mick Tijdeman | Globe | Officer External Affairs
Hello! My name is Mick Tijdeman. About 21 years ago I was born on the far away island of Vlieland. After spending 12 years climbing trees and playing video games I moved to the, a bit less far away, town of Achlum, Friesland, where I spent my highschool years. My interest in both hardcore technical and more artsy / design subjects quickly drew me to Enschede to study CreaTe. My interest in Proto started during the Kick-In already, where I discovered Protopolis and its inhabitants, which I could get along with well! I quickly joined the First Year Committee, pLAN and Kick-In Committee. Last year, I stayed in the pLAN and added the Dies Committee to my collection of committees. Apart from filling my weeks with committee work, I also enjoy making music, doing theatre sports, playing D&D, and can also be found in the Vestingbar for a good party every so often. What inspired me to become a board member is my love for proto, making me want to give something back to the association. As officer of External Affairs, I will try to provide the students with the opportunity to develop themselves on a professional level and bring them into contact with companies, so that they can get a feel for what the corporate world has to offer them. I hope to maintain the connections Proto already has and establish new ones. But most of all, I want to make it a fun year with the awesome people of Proto!

Manouk Hillebrand | Lightbulb | Officer Educational Affairs
Hello, I’m Manouk Hillebrand. I am currently 21 years old and come from Alphen aan den Rijn. As a first year student I was ready to meet new people and try out new things. I found out that Proto was the perfect place to do both these things and quickly felt right at home there. I joined lots of committees because I could simply not choose only a few! I learned a lot from organizing big events like the gala, Prototrip and camp and communicating with companies in the Acquisition committee. I was also a student-for-a-day mentor, a Kick-In do-group parent and a member of the Open Days team which gave me a lot of opportunities to talk to future and new students. I have joined the EducaCie in my first year and since then I’ve been really interested in the way Creative Technology is set up and how we can improve it. That’s why I’m very much looking forward to taking up the position of Officer of Educational Affairs this year. My main goal is to make studying easier for the students by communicating clearly to whom they can come with study-related questions, organising study nights and making the Proto study material database more accessible. I’m super excited about this year and I will have awesome people to handle Proto with. I hope that together we can make Proto members happy and do Proto justice.

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