Board 8.0 Confusingly Attractive

Top row: Philippe Tuinman, Peter van der Burgt, Maxim de Leeuw.
Bottom row: Daniela van Meggelen, Emiel Steegh, Jeroen Ritmeester.

Peter van der Burgt | Chairman
My name is Peter. I am 20 years old and as of writing this, a second year Creative Technology student. I live in Enschede but I was born and raised in the small town of Twello, just over the IJssel. So you could say it was quite the change for me to live in the city of Enschede. I am enjoying the student life to the fullest as I am trying to do as much fun stuff as I can besides my study. When I rolled into the student life during my Kick-In, I really enjoyed myself around the awesome social nerds that make up Proto. I joined quite a few committees in my first year, using them to hone my skills on a different level than my study does. To accomplish this I became a member of the Acquisition committee where I learned a lot about putting myself out there and representing Proto. This is where my first interest of becoming a board member came from. I would like to build further on the base that we laid down with the TIPCie and Guild of Drafters. Besides that, I look forward to having a wonderful and fun year, and to make as many good memories for everyone in our association.

Emiel Steegh | Secretary
My name is Emiel Steegh. I am currently 20 years old and reside in Enschede, although I was born in Limburg, a hamlet called Schandelo in the general vicinity of Venlo. While writing this introduction I am a second year CreaTe student on my way to complete the eighth module. I have a passion for design, programming, photography and geeky things in general. I started getting more active with Proto halfway through my first year of CreaTe and stuck to it, helping in more committees in my second year and my love for Proto snowballed from there. I am currently chairman of the photography, handyman and the symposium committee. I have really enjoyed this and learned a lot from my role in these committees, but I have a bigger passion for writing and supporting. I believe that experiences gained from being active as such this year and also my firmness will help me help Peter. I really look forward to being the first point of contact and keeping up with other parties. I’m expecting challenges along the way but I’m mostly here to give back to our great study association and learn as much as possible, so I look forward to improving!

Maxim de Leeuw | Treasurer
My name is Maxim de Leeuw. I am 21 years old, and I live in Hengelo. I was born and raised in Borne, which is approximately 15 minutes from Enschede. During the first module, I was not active at all. I was purely focused on passing the first module. However, during the second module I found out how cool and nice everyone around Proto was. I started hanging out more, made a lot of friends and met lots of people. Naturally, I got more active and got into a few committees, the biggest of which was the Kick-In committee of CreaTe. Slightly after, I became a ProtOpener resulting in me spending even more time in Proto. The two years flew by, and here we are. I am a very active and social person, and I like to talk with all the members, so initially I thought that I wanted to be Officer of Internal Affairs. However, during the year, my preferred position within the board shifted to the Treasurer position. I had also taken the position of treasurer at my work’s staff association. I really liked that, but also knew that I could learn a lot from it. Some people think that the treasurer position is a rather unpopular position, and I would like to try and change that. I am hoping to improve myself a lot this year, both as treasurer as well as a general board member, and have it be a memorable moment of my life with a lot of fun and good moments.

Philippe Tuinman | Officer Internal Affairs
My name is Philippe, but I’ve also been nicknamed Flip. I am 22 years old and will be the oldest, but most certainly, not the wisest of the bunch… But I am very excited to work together with all the others for the coming year! I have been walking around this university for 3 years now. I was born from a Dutch dude and a French femme, and as such enjoy some wine from time to time, but also love a good tosti! Before coming to CreaTe I’ve worked as a cashier at the GroenRijk (a gardening store) in my hometown of Dronten. In the summer of 2015 I worked at Disneyland Paris for 3 months as a hotel receptionist at hotel Santa Fe. All this work experience made me realise how much I like to help and be of service to people. Afterwards I joined the Kick-In and had a great time! From then everything went by pretty fast. I’ve been a student for a day mentor and to this day keep helping at every open day. I’ve also been a Kick-In parent twice already! My first committee was the Camp Committee and everything, considering my study progress, went downhill from there. I joined a lot of committees from then on and got very active around Proto, and honestly loved it! The people are a bit crazy most of the time, but all very sweet! Hopefully I will be able to add to this feeling next year as Officer of Internal Affairs and get more and more people joined and active in this lovely community!

Jeroen Ritmeester | Officer External Affairs
I’m Jeroen Ritmeester, currently 20 years old. I come from Zoetermeer and decided in a relatively short amount of time after my high school exams that I wanted to study Creative Technology on the UT. I started my student life very safely and focussed mostly on getting familiar in this new place and finding my way around Enschede. Having been part of several committees in my first year really helped me a lot settling down. This way I also got to know a lot of Proto members. I was quickly inspired to help the study and the association in various ways. Skipping ahead, when I was looking for ways to fill my minor space, I realised a board year was something that checked a lot of boxes for me: getting to know more people, allowing myself to do something for others, gaining professional experience, but also helping the association like I wanted to. I hope to be able to use my prior experience in the field of external communication for the good of Proto and all of its members, from first years to alumni and everyone else. My goal is to aid Proto in doing what it is good at: being a fun and inspiring place for everyone. I hope to achieve this by providing Proto with connections and the financial means necessary, and maintaining what has been done in the past to help Proto be just that.

Daniela van Meggelen | Officer Educational Affairs
Hello! My name is Daniela van Meggelen, I am 20 years old and I am a second-year Creative Technology student. I was born and raised in Rijssen, a town in the middle of nowhere. As there was not really a lot to do there, I could not wait to start studying, to live somewhere else, and to meet new people! Besides studying, I thought it was fun and informative to have an active student life as well. I became active in a couple of committees, of which the SportCie is my very first committee. I also helped organising the EEMCS-Party, Electroshock, which was a great success! In my second year, I joined more committees and became a member of a student association. Being this active and practically living in Proto made me realize that I wanted to do something more, and thus my interest in becoming a future board member had been sparked. As the Officer of Educational Affairs, I aspire to help students solve problems regarding the study and also improve it for them. My main goal this year is to let the newly acquired Interaction Technology students feel welcome in Proto and ensure a smooth handling of the master. A Master committee will be set up to help master students feel connected to Proto and to each other, as well as an evaluation committee to evaluate on the master. I hope that we will be able to make a lot of people enthusiastic about Proto and that people feel comfortable around us!

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