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From left to right: Sarah Hoekstra, Quinten Tenger, Sander Koomen & Jaimy de Kok

Sander Koomen, Chairman
Hey there, I’m Sander Koomen, I’m 21 years old and currently finished my second-year of Creative Technology. I was raised in Hoogkarspel, a picturesque village in the north of Noord-Holland. I started studying Computer Science here but it didn’t suit me so I quickly switched to Creative Technology. Ever since I started studying here, I’ve wanted to be active in the student life; I realized this quickly by joining several committees in Proto and doing a part-time board year at the Vestingbar. I’m also crazy about music and DJ-ing, if you have ever walked into Proto there is a big chance you have seen me there forcing my musical taste unto unsuspecting people. Yearning for more experience and an overall awesome time, I have set my sights on a full-time board year and hope to continue with the same enthusiasm and positive spirit as the chairman of Proto in the coming year.

Quinten Tenger, Secretary & Officer External Affairs &
Hi, my name is Quinten Tenger. I am 19 years old and a second-year Creative Technology student (for now). Originally, I am from Bussum, but I moved to Enschede to study when I was 17. A large chunk of my free time is spent either collecting, listening to and playing music or messing around with electronics. Though I am active at Proto now, I did not become active until the end of my first year when I joined the Acquisition Committee, which aims to arrange collaborations between Proto and CreaTe-oriented companies. Ever since, I have been trying to become more and more active, resulting in me becoming a student assistant for some of the CreaTe courses and being in quite a few committees. However, the Acquisition Committee has stood out to me the most so far and my passion for corporate contact is the reason I am the candidate Officer of External Affairs. Aside from putting CreaTe on the map for companies, I will also be the Secretary of the study association for the upcoming year, which means I will be responsible for around 90% of the emails. During my board year, I hope to make many people as enthusiastic about CreaTe as I am and, of course, make a lot of great memories.

Jaimy de Kok, Treasurer & Officer Internal Affairs &
Hello, my name is Jaimy de Kok and I am the Treasurer and Officer Internal Affairs of this year. I am currently 21 years old, which makes me the oldest member of our board. I grew up in Huizen, which is a small town in t' Gooi. I knew the first day I was at Proto that I wanted to do a board year. After joining some committees I noticed that the most fun thing to do in the board would be Officer of Internal Affairs. With this I can motivate new members and make Proto a place for everybody to feel welcome! Because this is not a very challenging function for me, I decided to become treasurer as well.
I hope to have a fun year with everybody :)

Sarah Hoekstra, Officer Educational Affairs
Hi, my name is Sarah Hoekstra, I am 20 years old. I was born in Voorburg, but raised in Barendrecht, a fast growing village next to Rotterdam. I am a second year student at the university. In my first year, I spent a lot of time in the Protopolis, which caused me to spend little time at home, for I enjoyed Proto more. I then started to think about doing a board year at Proto. However, I wanted to study some more before dedicating a full year of my life to this beautiful association. I joined committees to get to know the association better. I started to love Proto more and more. The committee I enjoyed most was the EducaCie, this is the reason why I chose to apply for Officer of Educational Affairs. My goal for this year is to make the studying easier for all Creative Technology students by organizing more studynights and give more information about courses.

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