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From left to right: Jur van Geel, Xadya van Bruxvoort, Dennis Vinke, Laura Kester, Kasper de Kruiff

Xadya van Bruxvoort, Chairwoman
My name is Xadya van Bruxvoort and I am, at the moment, a second year CreaTe student. I am 19 years old and was born and raised in the beautiful city of Arnhem. I have always been very active at Proto and I do like promoting our study and association to the outside world. I work at the Open Days of the University of Twente, I am a Student-assistant at multiple subjects, I was a Student-for-a-day mentor and I help as a Photographer during the Kick-in. I also participated in a lot of committees, such as the KICC, Lustrum Committee, FanCie, EducaCie, Acquisition and the Protography Committee. I would like to help Proto grow, by further improving the relationship with not only EWI study associations, but also others. I would also like to improve our message to the outside world with both text and pictures.This year is still very exciting, but I also look forward to all the good memories that will be created.

Dennis Vinke, Secretary
Hi all, I am Dennis Vinke a third year CreaTe student. I have been raised in the city of Enschede. Most of you would know me as a student-assistant or as the object that becomes one with the the couch in the Protopolis. At the moment I am working on my Bachelor assignment, which I hope to finish before the start of next semester. Once the Bachelor project is done, I will repay Proto for all the good times it gave me during the study by being a secretary.

Jur van Geel, Treasurer & Officer External Affairs &
The name is Jur van Geel and after my second CreaTe year it was time for a breath of fresh air through my life. I hope to fill the coming year with the things I love most; Committee work, my friends, the not so occasional drink and money. That’s why I want to govern Proto’s finances next year with the combination of Treasurer and External Affairs. Originally I lived in Schaijk, Noord Brabant where I spent my childhood years. This is where I discovered sailing which I try to do as much as possible and absorbs most of my free time. That’s also why I’m part of LeeHo for the third time coming year. After moving to Enschede, student live hit and it hit hard. I try to make most out of my years as a student and hope to have an remaining impact on Proto.
Cheers, Jur van Geel

Laura Kester, Officer Internal Affairs
I am Laura, a second year CreaTe student and a proud member of the Proto furniture. I am 20 years old and I was raised in Druten, a small town near Nijmegen where I also attended high school. In my first year I was very active in several sport associations and did some committees there like the Linea Recta camp committee. Although I still spend a lot of time on several sports. I have become more active at Proto during my second year. I am a member of the SportCie and the Fishcie, but most of the time I can be found somewhere around the Protopolis which I have been using as my second living room. That is why I want to become the Officer Internal Affairs of Proto. I know the association very well and feel at home at Proto. This is something I want for other Proto members as well. During my board year I would like to help Proto grow and gain more active members. Furthermore, as the Officer Internal Affairs, I want to strengthen the connection between the first years and the higher years to include first years more in our association. Hopefully this will lead to more active members who feel at home and appreciated in our association.

Kasper de Kruiff, Officer Educational Affairs
Hello, my name is Kasper de Kruiff and I will be the next Officer Educational Affairs. I am 22 years old and I lived in a city called Driebergen-Rijsenburg for 16 years. After this I moved to Enschede to study Creative Technology. The first two years of my study I spent a lot of my time studying and used Protopolis as the spot to take breaks as well as attending some activities from time to time. Me joining the board is my way of giving something back to Proto as thanks for all the good experiences! I will become the Officer of Educational Affairs because then I can help Creative Technology to be the best study it can be. I can use my practical skills to realise this.

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