About Proto

Proto is a study association for students from the Bachelor Creative Technology and the Master Interaction Technology at the University of Twente.

What can you do at Proto?
As a study association we support our members in a few different ways. First off, we offer them educational support. This is done through supplying information, but also by giving the students opportunities to give feedback about the study programme.

Apart from that, we offer the students a way to discover career opportunities. We organize activities with companies, so that they can get a better feel of their career prospective. Lunch lectures, workshops and activities in more informal settings are organised to reach this goal. However, Proto also offers its members a lot of fun! Almost every week, multiple activities are organised. These activities range from game nights, to sports activities, to weekend trips. Through all of these activities, our members can get to know students from different years.

These activities are organised by our members, through one of 35 committees. Currently, Proto consists of circa 1000 members and all held together by a full-time student board.