Committee Spotlight: Symposium Committee

We already have a new committee to put in the spotlights: the Symposium Committee. Since the symposium is already next week, I was curious to know more about their committee, what the symposium is about and what they have in store for you!
Answers were given by Emiel Steegh, the chairman of the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
We are the Symposium Committee and we organise an event all about broadening your horizon. There will be field experts that give presentations about subjects related to the trends and future of commerce.
Why is this symposium interesting for Proto members?
A lot of people that are studying CreaTe do not know what they want or can do with their future skill set. At the symposium, speakers will help you get an understanding of what paths are possible for you. If you are interested in a start-up some of the speakers will inspire you and help explore ways to get yourself out there. You can even ask the professionals questions!
What inspired the particular theme of “from Pixels to Purchase”?
We wanted a topic that is close to CreaTe but different enough that it is not too close to your normal lectures. ''From Pixels to Purchase'' or everything related to e-commerce, like transportation with autonomous vehicles or targeting ads or managing a start-up, seemed like a great foundation for interesting speakers that connect to the future of any CreaTer.
Did you ever experience something strange or extraordinary when you purchased something online?
Not exactly while purchasing something online, but when a housemate of mine purchased something online, I kept getting ads for similar products that I indeed wanted. I found this quite baffling, luckily Datatrics will be at the symposium to tell you all about how this works.
Which part of the program are you most looking forward to?
I am most hyped for Datatrics, it is such a ethically touchy subject that is booming and has been in the news a lot lately. But AUDI and PostNL have got to be amazing as well. Who doesn't want to hear a keynote from a company that big!
Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
No, but get your tickets while you still can for the low price of 12 euros here!!
Join us for a day full of super nice presentations!