Committee Spotlight: CampCo

For the first committee spotlight we'll highlight the Camp Committee. I asked them some questions about their committee, so you can get to know them better!
Answers were given by Manouk Hillebrand, the person handling the promotion for the event.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
We are the Camp Committee, the committee responsible for organising an awesome camp for the people of Proto with lots of fun activities and good vibes.
What was the best camp experience for you personally?
Getting to know more older Proto people and bonding with my fellow first-years.
Did this influence you to join the committee?
Yes, it definitely did. I wanted to make sure this year’s first-years will have a camp that was just as great as mine.
Why did you choose the particular theme of “Tales of the Singing Sails”?
Who doesn’t love a good pirate story?
Which part are you most looking forward to?
I’m most looking forward to seeing how the teams will do their best to win camp.
Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
This year wearing a bathrobe as committee clothing will officially be a tradition, since we are the third camp committee to wear bathrobes.
Finally: what kind of pirate would you like to be and what would your pirate-name be? (give a name to every committee member)
Maartje: Captain Ma-arrr-tje
Femke: Captain GoldCoin
Jonne: Captain OldFart
Sander: Captain OlderFart
Manouk: Captain Spam
Daan: Captain ScribbleMeTimbers
Connor: Captain Crow
Maxim: Captain BoardFart

If you still want to join this year's camp, you can do so here.