We're already halfway there!

Another module has finished and we are already halfway the study year! The wonderful projects of the first and second years have already been showcased during their demo markets, but Proto also organised a lot of nice things! This module covered a lot of drinks, EEMCS activities, and of course Christmas events.

There was an event where you could decorate your own Christmas ball. These were then hung in the Christmas tree in the SmartXp. The pLAN committee organised a gaming night related to the charity event Serious Request. This year, the money was raised to help bring families back together. Together with the participants, the pLAN activity raised €548,46! There was also a Christmas dinner and a drink where you had to wear your ugly Christmas sweater. Not a lot of people where there, so it was very cozy!

Other activities with some more participants were the EEMCS events. These were organised with four other associations. For the first years, there was the freshman activity. Other events were the LED drink with Scintilla, and the New Year drink and the Oktoberfest with the whole EEMCS. All activities were really fun to participate in!

Apart from fun activities, there were also some really useful activities in the past module. Think of the study nights, lunch lectures and workshops. There have been multiple study nights to help the students study for their upcoming exams and presentations. For almost all the first and second year subjects, study nights were organized and overall well visited! These study nights have been a great success with multiple student assistant attending to help the students pass their subjects. Next module more study nights will be organized for the subjects of module 3 and module 7. There were also two lunch lectures, one about the new master Interaction Technology, and one by a new CreaTe teacher! They were both very interesting and we are curious about the future results. There were two workshops in the past module: a laser cut workshop by Robin van Emmerloot, and a soldering course by Stef van Zanten (Scintilla). The latter is also useful for the DYE Handheld event, which will be held in the third module.

There was a coffee tasting to see which kind of coffee Proto would drink for the coming years, and the ENTROPcY organised a Sinterklaas drink. The participants could open a present that one of the other participants bought or made for them. Some more active events were also organised! Think of the New Years Dive, but also going ice skating and jumping at Bounz. The latter will probably return in an event with Scintilla, because it was a lot of fun! More sporting events are being organized as we speak, because the BATAvierenrace and the StAf tournament are coming up.

Every wednesday their have been Proto nights where different activities have been organized. Think of the Off Your Ass - Game night, pLAN Serious Request event, Proto and Chill, and the Christmas Sweater drink. There have also been some smaller events such as a movie night. All these activities have been a lot of fun! And even if you do not want to participate in the activity you can always come and relax with us in the Protopolis. Other recurring events are food-related activities like the HABHAK and the Hambo afternoon, and the Monday and Friday Afternoon Drinks! If Proto doesn’t organise the FriAD, you can still go to the drink and meet people from other organisations. The FriADs are for everyone!

As you can see, Proto has organised a lot of cool activities in the past few months. The coming months will promise a lot of nice events as well, especially with the Dies and the gala coming up. We hope that a lot of people will visit future events!

text by Daniela van Meggelen and Jaimy de Kok