A look back at the first Module of the year

The first module of the year has passed some time ago, but it is still interesting to read what Proto has been upto!

There were a lot of activities like movie nights, guest lectures and drinks (lots of drinks!). But before these activities took place, one of the most important things within Proto happened: the new board was introduced! The first years already got to know them during their Kick-In, while
the older years already knew the current board 7.0 a bit better. There was a General Member Meeting, in which their plans for the coming year were discussed and after that was done, they were officially in charge of Proto! That had to be celebrated with one of the most chaotic drinks
you have ever seen: the constitution drink, were many of you were seen. Other boards came to the drink to congratulate the fresh board and hand them presents. That, together with unlimited free beer resulted in some intense ‘braspartijen’, where other boards tried to ‘bras’ (= steal or
take) a pin, the pedel stick or even a board member! It was a very fun thing to experience!

Moving on to some more serious events. There were three useful studynights for the first and second years, and two guest lectures about the design of wearables and radio astronomy. Six CREEC evaluation meetings for Module 1 and Module 5 allowed the students to share their
problems with the committee and the teachers. And the older generation of CreaTers could pick up their bachelor’s degree during the EWI Bachelor Graduation. We are proud of the 47 new graduates!

In the beginning of the module the first committee market took place where first and older years could come and see what kind of different committees Proto has to offer. After the committee market, the committees were formed and there was room and manpower for activities! The ACE organised a laser tag activity, the EntropCy let us skittle as if we were little and the TIPCie combined two Monday Afternoon Drinks with draft courses. The ACE, Entropcy and Culture Committee also combined their powers to organise the Fright NIght, were participants made their own masks, carved their pumpkins and watched movies, closing off with a fright night walk!

Each Wednesday evening, there was something else to do in Proto. Movies were watched, board games were played, but you could also come to just chill. During the Protonights, you could just recover from the first half of the week and do something fun for a change!

This year, there is a greater focus on more contact between the EWI associations. There was a pub quiz with Abacus and there are plans to do a dodgeball tournament and an LEDrink with Scintilla and a Star Wars Marathon with Inter-Actief. Proto has also organised a party with
Inter-Actief, Party Animals. We had a furry good time (ha-ha)! Other than that, there are a couple of EWI activities: Oktoberfest, First Year Activity, New Year’s Drink, EWI Party and the EWI BBQ (which will take place at the end of the year).

To bring the first years more in contact with the older years and the association itself, a very special event was organised: the very awesome Proto Camp! There were four groups: the Chinese gods, the Greek gods, the Norse gods and the Egyptian gods. After a long journey through the deserted fields of Ootmarsum, while encountering several obstacles and riddles, the participants finally reached their camp. During the weekend, the warriors could decorate their own shirts, participate in the Jeneverrace, show their powers in Kickball and listen to a song sang by Geanne and Hermen and a small story by Frank. On Saturday evening, there was also a ‘sing and drink festivity, a cantus!

I hope that Proto will continue organising a lot of cool activities in the coming year, also with other associations. I am very curious what time will bring us.

text by Daniela van Meggelen