The second Lustrum is here!

As you all undoubtedly know, Proto is turning 10 today, which means the second Lustrum has officially arrived, wooh! This means that Proto is now:

  • Old enough to do an introductory diving course.
  • Slowly starting to enter puberty! Don’t be surprised if the hormones start acting up.
  • In the Dutch school system, Proto would now be in group 6. This means they’ll learn about decimal numbers and units, right on their way to become a student at the UT!

But that’s not all! On the legendary birth date of Proto:

  • Happiness by Alexis Jordan was the number 1 hit song in the Netherlands. How appropriate!
  • It was a very sunny day, with about 25 degrees Celcius max temperature and no rain!
  • The United Nations Security Council fails to come up with an agreed public statement at its first meeting to discuss the crisis in Yemen as violence continues.

Proto shares its birthday with some interesting famous people:

  • Pieter Jelles Troelstra (Dutch socialist writer and revolutionary)
  • Carmen Electra (Actor and member of the pussycat dolls)
  • Napoleon the Third (No, not that one)
  • Felix Baumgartner (The guy who parachuted from 40 kilometers high)
  • Some German mustached guy? Not sure

The past dies’ and Lustrum have had some fun and creative activities! What about the Foodtruck Festival, the Olympic Games, the unforgettable Lasergaming in the SmartXP or one of the many Cantus.

Throughout the years, we’ve managed to grow quite a lot. With the help of our amazing previous boards and staff, the association has greatly matured. To find out more about Proto’s history, be sure to also check out the Lustrum Documentary! Usually, we’d celebrate such an occasion with a huge party, loads of drinks, and much gezelligheid. Sadly, this year is a little different. While there is still much gezelligheid, the gezelligheid is to be found online for the most part. Despite this, there are still enough fun activities planned for you all to enjoy! Now, let’s reminisce of the glorious past, and look forward to a bright future. With more parties, more activities, more memes, more drinks, less Corona, and still the maximum amount of community!

We will see you all tonight at the dinner.

The Lustrum Committee