How to find a date for the Proto gala!

The time of year is here again… The Proto gala is coming up! To get you in the gala spirit before the celebration starts next month, the gala committee is here to provide all the knowledge you need to properly prepare for the annual gala.

For every gala, you can invite a date to come along with you. However, this is not as easy as simply sending your intended date a Whatsapp message. If you and your date follow this step-by-step guide, your promparation will be nailed to a T and both of you will easily get in the spirit for the wonderful celebration.

  1. Handwrite a letter of at least one A4 paper on a blue paper sheet, preferably using silver ink.
  2. Hand the letter to your date.
  3. Now it’s your date’s turn! If you have received a promposal letter, handwrite one back on an A4 sheet of pink paper using gold ink. In this letter you will invite the sender of the promposal for tea.
  4. Now, to decide what you will serve with the tea; this is how you will provide the sender of the promposal with your answer!
    a. Nothing: You will not go to the gala with the promposer;
    b. Cookies: You will go to the gala with the promposer, but only as friends;
    c. Dry cake: You will go to the gala with the promposer, but they will need to work hard to woo you;
    d. Cake with whipped cream: You will go to the gala with the promposer and the promposer has already captured your affections.
  5. If you have accepted the promposal, the person who wrote the promposal will have to create matching gala gadgets for you two to make sure anyone can recognise that you two are together. This can be anything from a corsage to a badge to a memento hot-glued onto a safety pin. You can also do this with a friend group, committee or anyone you want to show allegiance to.

If you’ve done all this, you and your date will be ready for the prom! In leap years, the order of sending the letters is exactly the other way around – pink paper first.

We can’t wait to see you at one of our favourite events of the year, the gala! Lastly, we would like to remind you to leave your watch at home - 'gezelligheid kent geen tijd' (conviviality knows no time), as they say ;)

Love from the Gala committee of 2021!

The activities for the 2021 Lustrum gala can be found below:
Suit Fitting with Gents
Wine Tasting
Gala Dinner at Wapen van Beckum