Lustrum HYPE

As you may have heard, the first activities and the theme of the lustrum have been announced! Woohoo!

Missed it? Don’t worry, we’ll catch you up to speed!

The theme of Proto’s Lustrum 2021 iiissss…..drumroll please

Together We Celebrate!

Throughout the lustrum year there will be numerous activities for you to partake in! Some are still secret, some are already revealed. The activities will be put online in the coming weeks, but the dates are already known! Save a spot for the following activities:

Ofcourse, it wouldn’t be a lustrum without the opportunity to get points (called toots, after the party poppers)! So, the first 3 persons who send a beautiful poem to will already get a head start of 3 toots!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the Lustrum, and we’ll see you at the first activity, the Gamble Night!

Love, The Lustrum Committee