Summer break has started, and it is time to start thinking about next academic year already. Make sure to gather all your notebooks, pencils, and any other equipment you might need! As some of you might know, IAPC has helped us for quite some years in doing exactly that. Located close to SmartXP, it has always been easy to walk by the Educafé during lunch break and get that specific thing you needed for a project.

However, due to COVID-19 and the inability to find candidate board members, IAPC had to close their doors for an uncertain amount of time. This raised quite some questions amongst the associations who have enjoyed their business and help for the past few years.

Will I be able to order my books via IAPC again?
One thing that has definitely changed, is that the provisioning of books and sketching materials is now arranged by Proto herself. However, this mostly changes things behind the scenes. A page using IAPC’s system has been created which will be used for selling and distributing books.

What about general supplies I used to get at IAPC?
Luckily, we can announce that IAPC has found four candidate board members who are willing to try and make sure IAPC can continue their business and get things up and running again. Due to corona, not much is known yet about the how and when, but if you want to stay up-to-date about that, do check out their website www.iapc.nl from time to time.

Since this article is about IAPC, they would like to say something for their association:
It would be a terrible shame to waste this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion, since we would be very happy with some fresh faces to join our forces. Are you interested about learning the ins and outs of running a shop? Do you want to expand your hardware-related technical knowledge, expand your Java programming or system management skills or show off your PR skills to help us reach new customers and potential activists?
Apart from that, we just are a nice group that also likes to do some fun activities from time to time. If you are interested, you can look at www.iapc.nl/organisatie/activisme for more info, or send an email to iwannabeactive@iapc.nl.

Kind regards,