Alfred Honorary Member

That appreciation of Alfred isn’t just to be found by students, but also by the board and members of Proto. Since last week, Alfred has officially been promoted to Honorary Member of the association. What seemed like a board-interest presentation to (only) him, quickly turned into a celebration of him. While he was somewhat overwhelmed by the 9 pies the Proto board presented him, the SmartXp was slowly being filled up for this celebration.

‘Even everyone at home knew about it, except for me’ as Alfred is still amazed by the accolading experience. However, he would still soberly claim that he’s just doing his job. ‘I do know the way students are treated is different in some UT facilities’ as he does acknowledge, but he does continue ‘I however am just enjoying my job as well when helping students.’

While Alfred now owns his own personal Sonic Screwdriver, gifted by the board of Proto as part of the celebration, he is however still waiting to add the TARDIS to his inventory. ‘I would still like an official document stating it’ he jokingly says about his new status within the association.

So, the next time you’re doing a project, head to the new honorary member and ask about his Room of Requirement. He may just have what you’re looking for.

Text by Robin van Emmerloot