Introducing: Societies!

We debated them, we discussed them, we talked about them for hours. But finally, it is time to bring them back! Introducing… (drumroll please)

Uuuuhm… What are societies…?
Oh yeah. Let me explain.
Societies are kinda the same as committees, but they work in a slightly different way. For example, all committees have a board responsible. The board responsible makes sure that the committee runs the way it should and it is the contact point between the committee and the association board. A society does not have a board responsible. Because of this, they are a bit more independent from the board.
Societies don’t get to search for members on the committee market. Instead of a committee market, societies get a drink where they can look for members. They can also ask people to join their society personally. This means that societies get a bit more freedom when it comes to choosing who will be in their society.
But the most important part about societies: you can choose whatever it is you want to do with them (as long as it is a bit useful for Proto and Protomembers)! If you want to organize a crazy annual activity, go for it! If you want to bring a cake monthly to Proto, go crazy! If you want to fill Proto with plants, why not?

So, if you are interested in starting a society, make sure to check the Proto Wiki page dedicated to inform you about societies and check out this request page for societies. And if you still have questions regarding societies, you can always ask a board member!