New Honorary Member!

Tuesday the 3rd of December, a new honorary member has joined our assemble of honorary members! Some of our newer members might know him as the guy who fixed the “Learn to Hack: Capture the Flag!” event, while the older ones will never forget him for spamming “Party is the USA” in the protopolis and drinking all our Coca Cola zero. Regardless of how you know him, if you’re reading this you’re affected by Jonathans influence. This is because the Proto site as we know it and the systems behind it would not look the same without Jonathan.

Jonathan has worked on the proto website and its systems nearly since the inception of our association, and has meant a lot for it. Back when the HYTTIOAOA Committee was still split in two committees (the aforementioned for all background systems and the dotcom for all website related stuff) Jonathan already worked in both of them, helping realise our everyday needs.

We are honored to have someone like Jonathan in our association, and wish him the best on his upcoming adventures in Australia and as a true “burger”.

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