Committee Spotlight: First Year Committee

Very busy with to big events is the First Year Committee! Answers were given by Imke Verschuren, the current Chairwoman of the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
We are the First Year Committee, we are a group of first-year students who organise all kinds of activities for all of Proto.

This committee exists partly for you to learn about the different aspects of committee work. What do you think you’ve learned so far?
I have learned how to organize activities from all kinds of perspectives. I also discovered which functions within the committee I felt most comfortable in so I have gained a better understanding of what I can contribute to any future committees or groups I might become a part of.

Is there something you all hope to learn these last couple of months?
I think we all hope to learn which valuable experiences this committee has given us for the future, since we will not stay tiny "sjaarsjes" forever and will have to pass this committee on to the new generation. But noticing that the skills we picked up over the past year can also be applied in many other situations is something we all hope to see!

You’ve organized some activities already, but there are some big activities coming up. One of them is the AEGEE party this week with a special theme, why should people come to the party?
This week we are organizing a Disney-themed party together with AEGEE Enschede! People should come to the party because:

  1. Obviously, a party is always fun
  2. It will be a great opportunity to share your love for Disney with students from all kinds of associations across Enschede. There will also be Disney-themed shots and deals on beer :)

Family Day is also a staple for the FYC every year, why is this especially interesting for the committee?
Because this activity allows first-year students to show their study to their family. I think every CreaTe student gets asked what the study exactly entails and this family day is a fantastic way to actually get those curious people to experience the study!

What would you tell people that have not done a committee based on your experience the past year? What makes it worth/not worth it?
Join a committee!! Whether it is within Proto or at any other association, you gain some valuable skills such as teamwork and taking responsibility for your actions. Besides that it is just really fun because you get to know more people both in- and outside of the association when you're getting stuff done together.

**Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee? **
We are definitely better at laser gaming than the Dies Committee, no matter what they might say.