Changes for members logging in to Proto with their University of Twente account

In order to better protect your personal information, Proto's Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee has worked with the University of Twente's IT department (LISA) to make changes to Proto's log-in systems.

TL;DR Proto won't handle your UTwente password directly as of tonight, but use the UTwente Single Sign-On instead. This means you cannot log-in to the OmNomCom using your student number anymore. If you haven't linked an RFID card yet, be sure you know your Proto username and password before Tuesday. Check here for more info on your Proto account.

As of tonight you will see a new log-in screen when you click the log-in button on the Proto website. On this screen, you can log-in with your Proto account using the username and password field. If you wish to log-in with your UTwente account, however, you'll need to click the "University of Twente" button on the new log-in page. This will bring you to the familiar Single Sign-On (SSO) page of the University of Twente. Here you can log-in to your UTwente account (or, if you were already logged in, you don't have to!) and afterwards, you'll be redirected back to the Proto website. This way, Proto doesn't have to handle your UTwente password (we'll still get your UTwente username, probably your student number, to work with) anymore.

Unfortunately, this means using your student number on the OmNomCom won't work anymore, since the UTwente SSO doesn't have an on-screen keyboard. If you were still doing that (because you don't have an RFID card linked to your Proto account), you can use your Proto username and password instead. If you're unsure what your Proto username and/or password are, you can check this wiki article for a more detailed explaination. You can request a new Proto password here if you forgot yours.

If you have any questions after reading this news article, you can ask it to the Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again committee via e-mail, or via our Slack channel #hyttioaoac-public on the Proto Slack (check the Slack banner in the menu!).