Committee Spotlight: SportCie

Still recovering from the Batavierenrace is the SportCie! Answers were given by Jaimy de Kok, the Treasurer 2.0 of the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
We are the SportCie, the sport committee of our lovely association. We try to organize a lot of different sport related events throughout the year. Some activities we always tackle are the Bata and the StAf tournament.

The Bata took place this weekend and was a great success! Like always Proto participated as well. What went into the organization to make that happen?
The Bata is the biggest event the SportCie organizes every year. We looked at the evaluation of last year to see what we could improve on. Signing up for the event went fine and fortunately we could participate again! When the event came closer we had to promote, set up the division for the distances, order shirts, make an overview of the times etc. Especially the three weeks before the event were pretty busy.

Currently you’re also busy with managing all the StAf matches, how’s that going? Can you give us an overview of all the upcoming matches?
The matches are going well! We tried to start a little earlier than last year to get everything to run smoothly. We are also very happy that we finally have StAf shirts again, which we can use for the following years! We have played two matches already, we won one and lost one as well. How many matches we will play depends on how much we win. The matches are already set for the next couple of weeks. Next we are playing againts Newton 1, May 14th, 19:30 & Communique, May 20th, 19:30 & Astatine 2, May 23rd, 18:00.

Besides the Bata and StAf, you’re organizing different activities, what kind of activities are those?
We have organized a Tai Chi event with Erik Faber, an old school games event and we went ice skating! Next up we are having a think sports tournament for the brain people among us.

What kind of sports do you guys practice or have practiced?
Our committee members are of course very active. These are the sports they have played or are playing: athletics, badminton, tennis, volleybal, kickboxing, b-kick, thaiboxing, fitness, football, running, Taekwon-Do, Jiu-Jitsu, hockey, gymnastics, climbing, fencing and dancing.

Is there a sport or active activity you would like to try sometime in the future?
We have tried to organize a tree climbing event before, but unfortunately that didn't happen in the end. It would still be very fun to organize in the future!

What part of your body has the most muscles?
The face/head probably has the most muscles. Gets those lovely smiles on our faces :)

Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
This committee has had a lot of original committee clothes. We have sweatpants with our logo but two years ago we ordered baseball bats and now we have a Proto-green sportshirt. We're going for that full workout outfit!