Committee Spotlight: GraphiCie

The GraphiCie is constantly drawing, photoshopping and picking colours to deliver nice designs! Answers were given by Jaimy de Kok, a designer in the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
We as the GraphiCie design a lot of different things for Proto. From logos to posters and clothing. We do this with a big group, and everyone gets their own task and the rest gives feedback on the posters that are made.

Recently the Dies posters were designed with a certain theme in mind for all of them, how did you tackle this?
A group of three people was made that would work on these posters. With the theme that the Dies committee gave us we started brainstorming on some ideas to make a new tag and get the overall design just right. After that the activities were divided between the three and we started working on them. We also gave each other feedback to make the best poster!

Do you guys only design posters?
We once started out just for designing posters, but now we also design clothing, logos, banners, business cards and more if people request it. So, if you have a good idea, let us know!

People might not know how big your team of designers is, how many people are making all this stuff?
The committee consists of 15 people this year. Every year some people join and some leave. But we need all the man power to be able to design all the posters on time.

If you were to organize an activity, what kind of activity would that be?
We have organized a Photoshop workshop in the past. This is very nice for the first years that have to do visual communication. We could also organize something related to arts and crafts.

What would be your dream design project?
It would be cool if we could design something for the Protopolis that could be there for a long time. Such as the doormat or the sign above the door.

What's in store for the future?
We will have a meeting in the coming weeks and a very nice teambuilding at Sensazia. Other than that we will continue to work on different posters.

Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
Did you know, that all the recent posters can be found on the wall at the Protopolis? All the older posters have been stored in the archives.