Committee Spotlight: Dies Committee

The Dies Committee is working hard to get all the preparations ready! Let's see what these tourists have to say! Answers were given by Mick Tijdeman, the Chairman of the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
Hello, we’re the Dies Committee! We organize the Dies, or birthday, of Proto! Which means many fun activiDies and parDies in a period of about two weeks. The first activity will be the Dies Dinner the 18th of April. The “actual” Birthday of proto will be two days thereafter, on the 20th of April.

The Dies is always a big undertaking for Proto, why not only celebrate with cake for example?
Boooooring!! We’re very proud of our association, so we’re celebrating big! When there are multiple activiDies, people have a big variety to choose from, so that everyone has something they enjoy.

You based the theme around Europe, hence the name European HoliDies. How did you come up with this theme?
Brainstorming and some more brainstorming. We started out just throwing around all kinds of themes like Sci-Fi, the wild west, traveling time or even a meme-theme. In the end we settled with European HoliDies because we liked the theme the most and could think of lots of fun activiDies with the theme. (Also, it’s a great pun)

What activity has been the most difficult to organize?
Either the Dropping or the Design Contest. For the Dropping, a lot of logistics must be planned to make everything go smoothly. On top of that, riddles and puzzles must be thought of as well in order to make the activity interesting.

For the Design Contest, we had to do a lot of hard work to get you guys the supplies you need in order to make that beautiful furniture. I won’t spoil too much, but it’s going to be awesome!

Are there any surprises we should prepare for?
If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it! Be on the lookout for some changes around Proto in the coming week though ;).

If you had unlimited funds, what would be something you’d organize to celebrate Proto’s birthday?
Unlimited funds you say? Well, in that case we would take the entirety of Proto with us in an actual trip around Europe! Chill out on the Spanish beaches one day, dine in France the next. And of course, visit some wicked parties! While this would be super expensive, hopefully we can still emulate this to the best of our abiliDies in the coming weeks!

Will there be cake?
The short answer is no, as we replaced the cake baking contest with other activiDies. However, you can bring your own cake to the food truck festival and save 5 euros on the activity! :)

Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
We’re way better at laser gaming than the First Year Committee.