Committee Spotlight: BonCie

The BonCie has their first activity EVER coming up!! Let's see what these plants have to say! Answers were given by Bart Sprenkels, the Chairman of the committee.

What is the name of your committee and give a short description.
The name BonCie got his name from Bonsai, which means ''plant in pot'' in Japanese. We are therefore responsible for all the plants in the Protopolis.

Why was this committee set up to begin with?
The BonCie was set up initially because we wanted a bonsai tree in the Protopolis. The idea expanded into a desire for more plants in general in the Protopolis. To make this happen the committee was set up.

You all have special committee function descriptions, what do those mean?
So, I am Groot, the chair of the committee. Xadya’s function description is Leaflet, because she is the secretary. Coen is called the Golden Rain, because he is the treasurer. Maxim, as our board responsible, has the description Board Protozoa and Manouk and Charlotte are the committee’s Saplings. Like any good pun, you should not spend too much ( or any) time explaining them, but I guess “Board Protozoa” deserves an explanation. Wikipedia explains a Protozoa as an informal term for a single-celled organism. And it has Proto in it :p

This activity will be your first if I’m correct, what exactly will we be doing?
Yes!! Coming Wednesday (13/2/'19) we are organizing a “Plant Pot Painting” activity. We are hyped and looking forward to it! It is a stand-alone sequel to the fund raising activity that we did when the committee was still wearing diapers, where we sold plants to the members of Proto. It is going to be a lot of fun, where everyone can pour their creative soul into their own flower pot. We will provide all the materials such as paint, brushes, glitters and those googly eyes to help you make your pot as beautiful as possible!

Are there any other activities you are thinking of organizing?
Oh, we have a couple of ideas, like a bouquet workshop and an automated care system for your plants, but these are all just ideas that came from a brainstorm session. After coming Wednesday, we will start thinking about a possible next activity!

If you had to pick a plant that needs to exist forever and one that can go extinct in your opinion, what would those be?
Weeds need to go! Especially those hardy annoying weeds that you can never get rid of in your garden. Seriously, no one likes weeds. I am sure! And for the plant that can exist forever and ever: Christmas trees.

Do you have a nice anecdote or fact about the committee?
During the first couple of weeks when setting up the committee, we were thinking of naming our committee PhotosintheCie.