Symposium: Head In The Clouds

Join the ‘Head in the Clouds; Across a Futuristic Horizon’ Symposium! The symposium will focus on themes, such as sustainability, cyber security, robotics and user experience. There will be a whole day filled with lectures and workshops given by companies and organizations about what the future might entail in their eyes. Information on the lectures can be found at the bottom of this text.

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Tickets include coffee, tea and lunch as well as a few drinks at the networking drink after the symposium.

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  • Hike One: In this presentation you will be presented with some business cases on different approaches to user experience design. Additionally, you will hear about future trends foreseen within the field.
  • Thales: Thales gives a workshop about how they work on cyber security within their company and how they see their future with cyber security.
  • Siemens: With the User Experience workshop from Siemens you will get a hands on workshop where you will follow a design process based on a use case. Get acquainted with different creative techniques and methods to design a control screen.
  • Arcadis: In the workshop from Acradis you will discus what sustainability means for you and how you would use this in projects. Based on a case of Arcadis you will brainstorm sustainable ideas and see how ambitions those ideas where based on certain topics. Afterwards you will discuss your ideas and plans.
  • Robor: In this presentation you will be presented with information about the sub theme Robotics. How will robotics influence the future and especially drones? That is something you will get to know in this presentation
  • RoboTeam: The student team RoboTeam Twente will provide a workshop about robotics. The workshop will focus on programming your own robot. You'll learn about how robots experience the world through their sensors and how you can make the robot do what you want. Laptop with Arduino software is required.
  • Deloitte: Deloittee will talk about their take on Cyber Security during the lecture.
  • Information on the last lecture will follow.