ProtoNight: Tai Chi with Erik

Do you want to become the next waterbender? Or do you just want to get rid of all the stress you’re having for a bit? Join the SportCie at the SmartXP, where Erik will introduce us to Tai-Chi and let you experience full zen!

PS: Be sure to bring comfy clothes, as you’ll be stretching and moving!

You will get 3 SportCieLympics points for attending the event, and can also get 1 for the most chill outfit.
The SportCieLympics is a point system that the SportCie runs throughout the whole year to determine who is the most sporty Proto member of the year! You can see the progress on one of the leaderboard posters around the SmartXP!

If you're interested in joining Tai Chi lessons more often, you can join the reoccuring course from Erik Faber! He'll organize 8 lessons, which cost at maximum 20 euros. These lessons will be planned in accordance with the students interested. This ProtoNight is completely separate from the reoccuring course.