pLAN Serious Request

Do you like gaming? Do you like charity? Do you like hot chocolate? Of course you do! Come and join the LAN party on the 6th of December for an evening of gaming and giving, all in the theme of the
2017 Serious Request; bring them together!

Since the theme of this year’s Serious Request is bringing families back together, we will be able to
enjoy some nice family games (think Spore, Sims or Mario Party), you are encouraged to bring your own games/consoles as well so everyone can play together! If you do intend to bring a console, please let us know so we can arrange some room and a screen for you :)

We will raise money for Serious Request in various ways throughout the evening, ranging from
lotteries with awesome prices to selling nice hot chocolate and oliebollen (Dutch Doughnuts). You
can even raise money yourself using sponsorships from your grandma, dad, nephew, friend, weird
aunt, you name it!

To do this, you can download a form right here. You can hand in this form during the LAN party to deposit the money. The person who raises the most money using the sponsorships will win an awesome price!

We hope to see you there and bring the Proto family together for an awesome night of gaming!