Use your Brain Computer Interface Hackathon

As you may have heard our brain is sometimes called an idiotic brain, read for instance the book entitled “The Idiotic Brain”. On the other hand our brain determines who we are, how we feel etc. Hence a lot of useful and relevant information can in principle be deduced from our idiotic brain by using a so-called Brain Computer Interface (BCI) which measures and interprets certain brain signals. But these BCIs are still in its infancy and a lot of challenges need to be tackled .

We --- Johan de Heer (Thales), Jur van Geel and Mannes Poel - are organizing an Use Your Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Hackathon on 4 – 6 February. The hackathon will start at 13:00 hour on Friday February 4 and end on Sunday February 6. The two other days will last until 9 pm. The challenges faced in this hackathon will be based on use cases identified by Global Business Units of Thales and will involve active, passive and the design of BCIs.
Knowledge of or skills in BCIs is not needed, you will learn it on the fly. For students who want to take the Brain Computer Interfacing course (201600078) in Q3 this hackathon is a flying start.

Food, snacks and drinks during the day will be provided, diner is at own cost.

To enroll in this hackathon please fill out the following Google form:
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You may already form teams but each person has to enroll personally. If more students are interested than places available, participants will be selected on a first come, first serve rule.
For those enrolled more information will follow in due time.

If you have any questions ore remarks please contact Mannes Poel, email: