Hereby I am introducing to you ‘The Hitchhiking circus’ of ProtoTrip 2018.
We are going to do something never done within Proto before, namely: Hitchhiking! We are going away for four days full of awesomeness during the beginning of the spring break, and we are not just staying in the Netherlands, but we are going to a big city abroad.

The travelling will be a fun challenge, with which you can even win a prize!
The hitchhiking (not that far) will be done in duos, so find a friend to sign up with you! :) There is no problem in signing up alone, then we will try to find a partner for you.

The maximum price of this trip will be 120,- (this will include shelter, sheets and breakfast), however the price will go down when more people sign up, so spread the word.

If you want more information, you can always ask one of us or send an email to the committee.
But if you are already sure you want to join this happy circus of going abroad with fun people; sign-up now!

While signing up in duos we as a committee advise you to sign up in a mixed gender duo.

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