[18+] Gala 2020: Fire & Ice

You (and any +1s you bring) need to be 18+!

You can only buy tickets up until February 24th!

It's finally time: Proto's Gala is here! Are you prepared for a night full of dancing, beautiful outfits, drinks, and fun? Make sure to get a ticket for you and any +1(s) you want to bring.

Two types of tickets are available:

  • If you are not a full Proto member, make sure to register for a Proto account and order the pre-paid ticket. You don't need to contact a board member for becoming a full member in order to get a ticket. This ticket will have to be paid for immediately. If you are not sure what to do, please contact your own board members.
  • If you are a full Proto member, order the regular withdrawal ticket. This ticket will go to your purchase history and be paid at the end of the month.

The following drinks can be ordered unlimitedly during the whole night: beer, wine, soda, Bacardi, Red Label, Vodka and Apfelkorn. Any other strong liquor needs to be purchased seperately.

This year, we are organising a Gala together with Astatine and Atlantis. Make sure to get to know them during the Gala pre-events: