OmNomCom BBQ

Hello, Today me here in local bbq spot to talk about a word: important. when something is important, it means a whole lot to you. For instance, look over here. See, take this hamburger. It's important, it means whole lot to me. [Chomping] Oh and skewered meat, skewered meat important to me too. Mean a whole lot to me, important. [Chomping] Oh, but me not want to make these chicken drumsticks feel bad. It's important too. [Chomping] Oh, and these sausages, very important too. [Chomping] In fact, all bbq meat important to me. They mean a lot to me. But they mean much more to my tummy. [Chomping] bbq meat! [Chomping] bbq meat! [Chomping] bbq meat!

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