MoAD: The Sunshine Drink

The summer is shining again as we are reaching the end of the module! We've been through a special year, where all kinds of (educational) activities were possible again. A lot was also asked from all the staff members of CreaTe and ITech, as there was still a need to change between digital and physical teaching. And still, hybrid teaching requires a lot of attention and hard work. We've seen CreaTe and ITech mature over the past few years, and CreaTe also officially received its accreditation, which gives us reason to celebrate!

During the Sunshine BBQ, we want to thank all our staff members for their hard work. We hope that we can continue, together, to keep improving our programmes together. Make sure to stop by the BBQ to celebrate together with our staff members!

Both the BBQ and the drinks during the event are free! Hope to see you there! :)

Note: If you have any allergies or diets, make sure you have put that information in your proto account on the site. Otherwise we can't promise you that you have something to eat.