Harry Potter Evening

(Non-)Harry Potter fans; pay attention! Take the Hogwarts express to your house and Hogwarts, and unleash your inner wizard! The first year committee organises a Harry Potter themed evening, on the 4th of February from 20.00 – 23.00.
During the train ride to Hogwarts you will take a test to see to which of the school houses you belong to and with which house you will compete for victory. Together you and your fellow Hogwarts housemates you will compete against the other houses; a Hogwarts house cup!
We will spend an evening at Hogwarts, where you will follow some typical classes such as potions, charms & herbology and many more! During these classes your house will compete against other houses, to see which house is the best!
So there is only one question left, are you ready to take the Hogwarts Express and unleash your inner wizard?!

Please note that we will deliver packages for this event. If you are not in Enschede, please let us know so we can send you a shopping list :)