Sirius Request

Last year Sirius wanted to organise Sirius Request. Unfortunately, this could not take place due to Corona. The board would have been locked up in the Sirius Room for the entire day. During the day, they would make a radio program with live events and music. One of the events was that Jesper Benus would shave his head! This event will happen again…

The 27th of June, we will make a new attempt to organise this fantastic event! You can donate here.

The money that will be raised will go to MIND. MIND is a charity that wants to promote mental health and support all people who are affected by it. As an independent social organisation, they fight for a society that invests in mental health and does everything to prevent unnecessary psychological suffering. We chose this charity in honour of Jesper. Do you want to support the 48th Board? Then come by the Sirius room on 27th June and donate! The event will be live streamed.