Professional Negotiating - YER Workshop

Scared to raise your voice during an application or talk to your boss in regards to salary and other business?
The master committee has teamed up with YER (Young Executive Recruitment) to organize a workshop on how to effectively negotiate!

During this training you will gain insight into various negotiation strategies and we will discuss the structure of an effective negotiation meeting. You learn to deal effectively with different behavioural styles and negotiation tactics.

By participating in this workshop you get priority to the follow-up activity, the ArchYERy Tag.

Please sign up through the Proto website and the YER website to participate.

This is also where you'll indicate what pizza you'd like.
You can choose between:

  • Chicken Supreme
  • Veggie
  • Funghi
  • Americana

YER's target group is 3rd year Bachelor students and Master students (people that are almost ready to be employed), so therefor you'll only be able to participate if you fall in that category.

Important: there is a no-show fee. If you are signed up but are not there, you will be charged this fee, even if the event would otherwise be free.