Medieval LAN party!

tl;dr: Fun games, some provided, 24 hours long. Money is for snacks. Few challenges arranged you can do to win prices. Sign up for more information about computer pickup service and/or breakfast.

We can all agree that medieval times were the best time to be alive. Knights in shining armor, princess and princesses, kings and queens. For all that want to relive these times pLAN is organizing a medieval themed LAN-party. The bravest of warriors can also challenge the rulers of this event and win amazing prices! There will be 8 challenges available where you can put your skills to the test. Anyone can join for the small price. Included in this price will be a various amount of snacks and drinks to choose from, and possibly small prices if you perform well in the challenges!

Everybody come to this wondrous festivity on the second of February at the SmartXp. The event will last one whole day form four till four. Bring your own equipment and be prepared to battle! Some games will be provided (mainly on the Nintendo Switch), but we kindly encourage everyone to bring their own games to the party. Challenge your friends to a game of Age of Empires or Dungeon Defenders, play Runescape or World of Warcraft online or test your skills with a game of Rogue Legacy or Swords & Sandals!

For the ones interested there will also be breakfast and/or the possibility to have your gaming setup picked up. This is not included in the price, but more information will follow if you sign up.