GMM 39: Budget Plan Board 10.0

During the break on the 5th of November it's time for another GMM! The budget plan of board 10.0 will be up for discussion and approval. If you don't know how a GMM works or what it is, you can learn more here. To understand the financial pieces that will be discussed you can look here.

If you’re not able to make it to the whole GMM, it’s okay to show up later or leave earlier (but make sure to sign up anyways). If you have input, but you can't make it, you can always authorize someone else to speak for you! Please send this document to before the start of the GMM.

If you find any non-contentual mistakes in these documents, please notify us by sending an email to

You can find the documents and the agenda for the GMM here a week in advance. The GMM will be held in this Zoom meeting.

Important: Since the GMM will be online, we ask you to send us your questions before the GMM starts to keep the meeting as organised as possible. You can send your questions to