El Niño Lunch Lecture: how to be a better programmer

Michael from El Niño, a big web app developer from Enschede, is coming to Proto to share his experience and make you a better programmer! All while you can enjoy some free Subway while listening! Make sure to sign-up if you'd like to have a bite to eat, though!

Michael: "During this lecture I will be giving some general and specific tips and trick, which you can use to become a better software programmer. Tips range from thinking things through before starting to code to applying a structured code style to ensure your code stays readable for you and other programmers you may collaborate with. During the lecture I'll give several examples with some DO's and DON'Ts. Some programming background can be helpful for the lecture but is not a requirement! So if you have no programming skills but are interested in keeping your work process structured, just come along!"

So sit down, have a listen, and you might learn a thing or two... or more!

Note: if you sign-up but are not there, you will be charged a no-show fee.