(Lemme) Smash Bros tournament

Will you join the fray this Smash Ultimate tournament in the SmartXP and show what you’re made of? Team up with a friend or with a stranger to form a duo, pick your favorite characters, and get ready to compete with other duos in 2 VS 2 matches to finally come out on top as the best duo! Defeat all other duos and let the final battle for eternal glory begin! Compete with your teammate in a final 1 VS 1 match to emerge as the Smash Ultimate champion!

Please let us know in the Google forms below if you can bring your own Nintendo Switch with a copy of Smash Ultimate and some controllers, and let us know whether you’re already teaming up with someone or if you want to sign up by yourself. If you choose the latter option, you will be assigned a random partner to team up with. We’re looking forward to see and compete with you!


(DLC characters are allowed but we can't guarantee that you'll play all your matches on a Switch that has your specific character available. TL;DR: Play a DLC character at your own risk!)