MoAD: La Trappe trap

The distinction between the strong ones and the weaklings will be made during this drink. During this MoAD, you get the possibility to prove yourself, to show to the world you have it in you, to make your bucket list a little bit smaller.

This is the 'La Trappe Trap' borrel. For the internationals among us, 'trap' is the dutch word for stairs. With the ticket for this event, you can get a 'Trap' during the drink. A 'Trap' consists of 4 beers: La Trappe Blond, La Trappe Dubbel, La Trappe Tripel, and the La Trappe Quadrupel.

Can you make it to the top of your 'Trap'? Or do you just want to try? Then come to this amazing drink, but don't forget to buy a ticket.

There are only 24 "Trapjes' available. Please only buy one and give others a chance to buy one as well.