Meme Competition

To encourage meme making and creative, fun thinking, Lars Hartogsveld will be hosting a meme contest.
The theme of the memes is: CreaTe. Please send all your memes to
Send in your meme before Tuesday the 2nd of October 19:00!
All aspects of CreaTe are allowed, so be CreaTive!

Lars will judge all of the entries, and the top three best memes will be shown during this event.
You'll be able to send in your votes through a poll for this top three while we look at all the other memes that were sent in.
The winner will be announced at 22:00 and will be sent through Proto's various social media channels.

1st prize: 2€+ subway coupon + the first Meme Achievement of Proto: MemeLord
2nd prize: 4 packs of instant noodles
3rd prize: honour

May the best meme win.

1st place - Zoog Meme
2nd place - Spongebob VisCom Meme
3rd place - Starter Pack Meme
Honorable mention - Sad Music Math Meme