Riot against the ME (The Dutch Riot Police)

Have you always wanted to behave badly, be a rebel or participate in a riot? But you didn't do it because it is not legal (and because of a lot of other moral reasons)?

Well, this may be the event just for you. This time, we are not going to play some games together with the other EEMCS association, and we're also not going to have a basic BBQ with them. No, we are going to riot with them against the police!

You may be asking yourself: are the EEMCS associations really going to organize an event which goes against the law? The answer is: no, of course not. As like all other professions, policemen need to practice. Also really impact events like riots. You may already get it: we will be the voluntary group which will riot during a riot practice of the ME (the Dutch riot police).

How to travel
Because this event will take place a lot further from the University of Twente than most people can get to by bike, we will go by bus together. We will gather at the start of the Drienerlolaan, next to the parking spot at the front of the Spiegel. We will leave at 8:45 in the morning. So make sure your alarm clock is set and be on time.

It has to be said that this events is not without risks. Like in the real world, the police needs to control a riot with as little violence as possible. When some rioters still do not behave, they may have to use it. So the rule during this event is simple: "what you give, you can expect back".

Lunch will be provided.

Still dare to participate? Awesome! Please sign up in time, because there are limited spots.
There are limited spots, but please put yourself on the backuplist if you're interested, as more spots might become available.