Science Soup (Organized by Interaction Lab)

Science Soup is an event by the Interaction Lab, a place at the University of Twente that connects different fields of research that involve interactive technology. The lab offers a space to study, interact, use, and discover new equipment.

Science Soup is a lunch event where an interesting speaker from the field of Interaction Technology is invited to discuss an interesting topic. Free lunch is provided (Soup) for all attendees :). This edition will feature Selwyn Nyples, project manager at Serious VR. Serious VR develops training applications in Virtual Reality for operators and engineers, speeding up the pace towards operational excellence. By enabling Virtual Reality and gamification technology for operational training, its visual, interactive, and emerging impact changes the way industrial training is done forever. Resulting in a more efficient, successful, and manageable training process. Selwyn is a previous Creative Technology student and has practical knowledge of implementing Interactive Technology within the field.