Valentine roses and roasts 2024


Valentine's day is almost upon us! The old farts of the ENTROPcY have arranged the possibility to order roses.

Want to send your loved one (or secret crush...) a rose with a cute note? Or need some help conquering a heart? Order a red rose!

This year, there is also the possibility (if there is enough interest) to:

  • Roast(rosed) someone with a black rose
  • Show your love using a rainbow rose instead

However, these options will only be available if more than 10 people order these specific roses. If you ordered a rose that turns out to be unavailable, you will receive a red rose instead (if you are okay with that). You can indicate your preference in the form below.

The roses will be ordered through this website if you want to check them out:

The price per rose including personalized note will be approximately 3,50 - 3,75 euros. Fill in the form if you're interested!

If you want to order multiple roses, fill in the form for every rose you want to order.

The committee will contact the people that have received roses in advance so they can pick them up in Protopolis.

You have until the 9th to fill in the form!