Christmas Dinner

As the year 2022 is slowly nearing its end and the days are getting darker and colder, we could all use some good company to keep us warm. This year, Proto is organizing a free Christmas dinner for all CreaTe and I-Tech students to encourage social cohesion and experience the joys of a shared Christmas dinner together. The dress code is chique, so time to grab your fancy outfit out of your closet!

The dinner is planned on the 22nd of December and will take place in the SmartXP. Because there’s a limited amount of spots available, we ask you to fill out this form when it opens at 16:30. You do not have to be a Proto member in order to join!

Unfortunately, we might not be able to let everybody participate in this activity since the maximum number of students who can enter is 50. We will let you know if you were part of the first 50 sign ups with an email later on.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at the Christmas dinner!