EEMCS Oktoberfest

This year it's almost on time; the EEMCS Oktoberfest, organised just 3 days after Oktober together will the EEMCS associations (Inter-Actief, Scintilla, Abacus and Atlantis).
So get your Oktoberfest outfit out of the back of your closet and come enjoy some nice drinks and food in either the Educafe, AbScint or MBasement. There are only limited tickets (50) available so be sure to stay tuned for the opening of the sign-up!

The Oktoberfest Ticket includes an engraved beer pul you can keep and a card with which you can get 6 refills. If you’d like to have dinner included: there are two different dinner options: stamppot (a traditional Dutch dish) and bread with Bratwurst. You have to get a separate ticket for either of them (you can also get them both!!).

The prizes are as following:

  • Default ticket: 15.75 (beer pul + drinking card)
  • Dinner option: 9.95 (stamppot)
  • Currywurst option: price TBD (option to have a "broodje currywurst", provided by the Inter-Actief Cooking Club)

Looking forward to seeing you there,
The EEMCS associations