Active Member Activity (AMA)

To thank all of you who helped out in one or more committees during the past year, we're organizing a cool day's worth getaway!!

We'd like to keep the location and activity still a secret for now. However, to make sure you are properly clothed, we advice you to bring sports clothes that can be worn outside and swimming clothes.

We'll be going by bus together, so you don't have to travel alone. Dinner is not included, but we are planning to order some pizza when we get back on campus.

This activity is only for Proto members who have been part of a committee this academic year!

SIDENOTE: This activity is now open for everyone, because not all spots got filled with active members. So you are lucky, because it is free

Hi (Active) member,

The Active Member Activity is now 2 days away (HYPEEEE), so it is time for some practical information.

We will gather at 10:30 at the Achterhorst, Enschede. Be there on time, otherwise we unfortunately need to leave without you. From there we will leave by bus.

We will be there the rest of the day, so we would advice you to bring some lunch with you (for on the bus or for during the activity). You can also get some lunch yourself over there during the break at 14:00.

What we will do there is still a secret. But to make sure you are properly dressed, we want to let you know that this will be an active AMA. Therefore, we would advise you all to bring sports clothes and maybe some extra clothes, because there is also the chance you can get wet.

We will leave at 17:00. This means we are back at the Achterhorst around 18:00. From there, everyone is free and the activity is over. I already heard some rumors to order together, but that would be your own initiative.

I hope this makes everything clear. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
Board 11.1