EEMCS Prom Find Your Date Drink

Still in need of a date for the upcoming GALA Social skills lacking? Or would you like to get to know your peers from other EEMCS associations?

No worries! We have got you covered :)

To maximize your chances of having a successful drink, we have worked hard on a matchmaking form you should fill in beforehand!

The Gala committee will be organizing a Find your date Activity! Falling in love is optional, making new friends is also fine!

We’ll be hosting an evening where you can meet your fellow students from the other EEMCS associations, Inter-Actief, Scintilla and Abacus! First we’ll pair you with different people that match your interests in a speed dating activity by the candlelight, and after you get to know each other, we’ll throw a lil’ switcheroo and so you’ll be seated with everyone at least once.
After that, the committee will host a global activity where we will play some (drinking) games for everyone to enjoy your newfound EEMCS friends (and potential romances ).
When we’re all finished up, we can head to vestingbar to continue the night!

There will be a dinner form, so you don’t have to worry about fixing dinner for yourself before the activity!