Media Safari

There is a lot going on in the field of media technology. From more and better cameras, audio and light to IP / Cloudbased solutions, Virtual Reality, algoritms, chatbots and personalization. Media products are becoming IT products, therefore the demand for IT skills and IT professionals in the media industry increases. The media-industry is an interesting workfield for us as UTwente Students says Hilversum Media Campus. Therefore they invite us to a Media Park Safari at the Media Park, on Tuesday May 23rd.

During the Media Park Safari, you’ll get an exclusive look behind the scenes at various media companies. How is it really to work at the Media Park? How do you maintain yourself in the dynamics of this industry? What skills are important? These and more questions are addressed during your visit to these companies:

• United: Large broadcast facility at the Media Park, known for recording major live events (sports, news, concerts). Provide all technical aspects of a television production: recording, post production, graphics etc.
• VPRO: a public broadcaster that has a high priority for innovation. Last year, they experimented a lot with VR, this year their focus is on big data.
• NEP: Large broadcast facility at the Media Park, which produces and makes the events visible to global audiences. Known for their advanced cloud solutions.
• RTL: media company with various commercial channels, as well as a multi-channel network, start-ups and high tech TV studios with Augmented Reality.

In an afternoon-filled program you will visit two companies:

12.00 Walk-in with coffee, tea and sandwiches at the Media Park
12.30 Introduction Hilversum Media Campus
13.00 Company visit 1
15.00 Company visit 2
16.30 Closing drinks

Sign up for a visit to the Media Park! It's free, except for the transportation costs