Learn to Hack: Capture the Flag!

Do you want to learn how to hack into vulnerable websites? Do you want to compete against others in a fun challenge to break into the OmNomCom? Then this is the activity for you! :D This evening marks an introduction event to a longer running challenge to see which team of Proto people is the best at hacking! We will explain to you some basics on how to get started with this challenge, and be there to assist you through the first tasks. After that, the game is on. The challenge lasts until October 22.

You are also able to join in this challenge if you can't make it to this activity! You'll miss an introduction / initial help, but if you're confident in your skills, feel free to join seperately. Be sure to make an account and register a team on the score server below.

If you're joining this challenge (you can do this either alone or in teams of two!), make an 'unofficial' team on this site: score.ctf.omnomcom.nl
When the event starts, you will get an email which will include an URL to your own hacking environment, so make sure you enter a correct email!

When the challenge starts, you'll receive an e-mail with more instructions!

If you're coming to the introduction activity itself, please sign up for this event!