EEMCS Workshop: Effective Digital Communication
  • Monday 1 March 2021, 19:30 till 21:30
  • Zoom
  • This event is not organized by S.A. Proto

Project groups that don’t listen, an idea that is ignored or a load of criticism: influence in conversations does not come by itself. Especially in digital meetings, where distractions from social media, roommates and the coffee machine are more available than ever. How do you keep a grip on your digital meeting?

Join this interactive workshop and learn how to apply the most important psychological insights of communication to the new reality of daily digital meetings. On the basis of Nobel Prize winning research of Daniel Kahneman, you learn how to make more impact in conversations.

Possible items in the program:
• The laws of brain-friendly communication
• The art of persuasion
• Attention giving and attention grabbing
• The danger of the negativity bias
• Effective reaction strategies for every situation

This workshop is organised together with the other study associations of the faculty EEMCS, Inter-Actief, Abacus and Scintilla. and will be given by