Build Your Own Macro Keyboard Workshop

Have you ever heard of a macro keyboard? If not, please check the section at the bottom :). If you have, this is your moment to make your own! Whether you’re a seasoned computer nerd or a complete newbie this workshop teaches you how to build your own 9 key macro keyboard (with 2 rotating knobs!).

In this workshop the DIYcie will help you apply your soldering skills, and you can encode your own specialized functions for each key.

Everything you will need is included in the participation price and will be provided by us. In the end, you'll have a beautiful, customizable keyboard that you can take home :).

What is a macro keyboard?
A macro keyboard is a (small) keyboard where the keys perform special functions. So instead of just typing a letter, a key can open a program, adjust your volume, or even do a combination of other keys! What the keyboard does is fully customizable and programmable by software, so you can truly make it your own.

Link to the manual: